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Oct 16, 2022
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Hello my bunny friends,

I am wondering if anyone has had any complications with two male siblings brought up from birth fight once they have reached maturity.

I definitely know males can fight once reached maturity when there are females around, but what if there isn't, do they still fight?

Yes, maturing/mature intact male rabbits will almost always fight and can cause very serious or even fatal injuries. Normally baby male rabbits need to be separated when they first show signs of becoming hormonal or reach 12 weeks old, whichever comes first. So your rabbits will need to be immediately separated from each other, and kept that way permanently, or until both are neutered and the bonding process attempted.

If you would like to attempt to bond them, first they need to both be neutered by a knowledgeable rabbit vet, wait 4-8 weeks for hormones to fade, then attempt the bonding process. But there's no guarantees they'll bond. Especially if they've already had a serious fight, as that can sometimes affect future bonding attempts. Successful bonding depends on whether or not the rabbits are compatible personalities (dominant and submissive), once the hormones are removed from the equation.

You might find reports that someone was lucky and it worked, but that is rare and often we don't hear the end of the story.

I usually keep bucklings together for up to 5 months, but in bigger groups,mine mature rather slowly and I have to watch them closly. I think it works because of group size, and I wouldn't be comfortable to do that any longer. Back when I let them graze with the old buck aggressions started against him, not inside the group - I think when they focus on one specific opponent things go south faster.
Happend only once in 10 years that I came home and had to euthanize 3 16week old males right away. Different to does there can be little to no precursors to bloody mayhem, it can go from zero to zombie apocalypse in a second. Their hormone levels fluctuate, a lot, so even if it works for a time I wouldn't really trust that peace.