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  1. cosmoluna

    My bonded pair re-establish dominance every month?

    Hello again everyone! In the middle of January, I was able to successfully bond my fixed male and female rabbits (: They absolutely adore each other, and groom and cuddle each other constantly, but it seems that every month or so, my female bun will mount my male bunny to re establish her...
  2. Nlp

    Neutered male started pooping on us

    i have a 6 month old boy who was desexed early December. Before desexing he used to poop and pee on a lot on the couch, bedding and us. This stopped after getting him desexed. In the last few days however he has started pooping on us and our stuff again! He is able to free roam when we are home...
  3. B

    Litter training or territorial?

    Hello everyone my bunny who's about 7 months old will soon be going in for a spay but I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion. I'm having trouble with my bunny wanting to poop and pee on my bed constantly. I thought it was territorial but now I'm thinking maybe she thinks its...
  4. L

    Territorial after bonding?

    We've had our first male/neutered bunny for 3 years now, and recently introduced a spayed female to the mix. The bonding process took about a month and they have been coexisting for about 3 months now. They spend all day near one another and interact constantly. They share the litter box/hay...
  5. fizzy and ollie

    bonding with my bunny

    hi! so i have two rabbits, female and male, both neutered/spayed and bonded. i've had the male for almost a year and a half and i got the female in april. i'm very well bonded with my male rabbit, he loves to cuddle with me and he's very curious. the female on the other hand, is scared of me and...
  6. R

    General Rabbit Help

    Hello everyone, my name is Jacob and my girlfriend Liv recently moved in with me (3 months ago) and brought her 3 rabbits with her. There are 2 girls; Muffin and Treelo, and one boy; Nero. At the moment we have them all in separate cages, as they are all unspayed/unneutered as of now due to...
  7. Scarly

    Territorial Bunny Getting Spayed - Advice?

    My 6 month old Lop x Rex is getting spayed in 2 weeks. Some back story: she had perfect litter habits until she was 4 months, now she likes to pee and poo anytime I mop, if blankets are washed etc, she also started peeing on the couch, so we don’t let her up anymore and infront of any closed...
  8. L

    How do I calm my bunny down?

    My little buck has become almost feral and will grunt and kick when I pick him up. When I got him he was super docile, but now he runs away from me and lunges if I stick my hand in his cage. I’m suspecting it might be that he’s stressed out, due to the fact that his hutch and enclosure are...
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