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Jul 24, 2019
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United Kingdom, Shropshire
Hello everyone, my name is Jacob and my girlfriend Liv recently moved in with me (3 months ago) and brought her 3 rabbits with her.
There are 2 girls; Muffin and Treelo, and one boy; Nero.

At the moment we have them all in separate cages, as they are all unspayed/unneutered as of now due to finance issues. Muffin also tends to become very territorial in her cage and will attack Treelo if she goes into it, so we've kept them all apart.
In the day, we let them all run about the garden and sometimes bring them in the house and let them run across my room, never letting the male out near the females.
Due to me not having much knowledge on rabbits, is there a page where I can find out EVERYTHING that a rabbit owner should know? All health checks I should be doing, things for extreme temperatures and also things that will keep my rabbits happy and entertained while inside and outside of their cages.
One of the main concerns I have at the moment is that Treelo always makes a whimpering noise whenever I go near her cage, even without putting my hands in there (as I know you're not really supposed to do that, and just let them come out to greet you on their own). No matter how much I leave the door open, Treelo will never leave her hutch on her own and just sits in a corner whimpering. Whenever she's out the cage she NEVER makes this noise, even if you lift her out she stops the second she leaves the hutch. Is this anything that's concerning, or is this normal rabbit behaviour, as my other female - Muffin, becomes aggressive and growls whenever I go near her cage, and I think this is normal behaviour as she is trying to protect her territory.
Our boy on the other hand is the happiest bun ever, as soon as you go near the hutch he's ready to come out and jump on your lap to greet you!
Muffin is 1.5 years old, Treelo is almost 2 years old and Nero had his first birthday this weekend. They are all from the same mother, a lovely rabbit named Sherbet who Liv used to own.
Thanks for any help you can provide, and I hope to be able to offer people some help of my own once I've learned enough. :)

John Wick

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May 29, 2019
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United States
... Can be a good start. The information is broken into categories and there are follow up links in some sections. Read thoroughly. The website is currently in an update phase, so it's slow, but still functions.

Having a pet rabbit is a constant learning process, and over time you'll probably discover ways your rabbits deviate from the norm and times they are right on the mark. Pretty much Google every question you have, and find multiple sources that say the same thing, as well as making sure they're up to date. There's a slew of misconceptions and outdated information about rabbits, so be discerning about where you find your info .

In regards to the whimpering, that is unusual. If you spy on her in the cage, is she comfortable in it? If so, it could that, since it's her territory, she's being very reactive to a foreign animal entering it. Her territory is her safety zone, so having something approach her in it can be scary. If she never relaxes in it, it makes me wonder if there's a smell or something about it that she feels afraid. It's a new environment, so that's a biggie. Does she have a hidey spot somewhere in there? A rabbit always needs an option of retreat to feel safe.
Mar 16, 2019
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I would just like to say, it’s a common belief that FEMALE rabbits have a high chance of developing reproductive cancer if left unspade by the age of 2-3. I recommend getting your female rabbits spade as soon as you can to avoid these potential health issues. You can leave the male rabbit unspade until you can afford it, but since your female rabbits are quite old, and almost reaching that age, I recommend you act on it quickly! :) although keep in mind, it is not inhumane to leave them unspade, it’s just a good idea if you love them and want them to live longer lives with you :D

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