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  1. A

    help with advice! RABBIT TRIO BONDING

    Hey guys! so my two female mini lops got spayed yesterday, which means we can start the bonding process properly in a few weeks. I need some advice with one particular area. My boy bunny lives in a huge hutch and run, which is where we are planing on having them all live once bonded. We have a...
  2. Griffin Elfant

    Are they Bonded Already?

    Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I adopted the lovely Romeo! I already had my bun Daisy for over a year and thought she would love a partner, (both are fixed). We did speed dating at our local rabbit shelter narrowed it down to two bunnies and Romeo truly did win Daisy over with loads of grooming...
  3. CloverInTheField

    Rabbit Bonding?

    I’m thinking about getting my rabbit, Maple, a friend. She is already spayed and is taken care of very well. I keep her company as much as I can but I want her to have a friend for when I can’t be there. I wanted to know if it would be okay to get another rabbit younger than her. Would we have...
  4. P

    My new canvases

    How cute are these bunny canvases, they are giving them away for free! I just received mine in the post https://perksandbliss.com/collections/giveaway/products/black-white-baby-animal-rabbit-tail-canvas-art-print The look amazing ! It was recommend by this account on Instagram...
  5. Zoe Franchino

    My bunny doesn’t like to be touched?

    Hi everyone! I got my first bunny about a week ago, so I’m pretty new to this rabbit business. He’s a two year old Netherland Dwarf buck. I adopted him from a breeder (I was friends with the breeder, she passed away and her daughter is liquidating her bunny barn, and offered me a bunny. I know...
  6. T

    Spay and neuter

    I have a Male New Zealand rabbit and just recently got a Holland lop female. The previous owner which was a friend of mine told me she had gotten the Male neutered already but she didn't and I have seen the two of them humping each other and I can't afford to spay her or neuter him right now and...
  7. CloverInTheField

    Bonding Rabbits

    Right now I have a 13 week old Lionhead rabbit. I have my eye on an 9 week old Lionhead to get my other bunny, Clover, a friend. Clover and I have bonded a lot but I’m considering getting another one for him since I am not always there with school and everything. Clover is very friendly to...
  8. D

    Dog doesn’t like new rabbit! Help!

    I have a two dogs. One is calm and likes to be around my new bunny and the other one (that I got from the pound) is more aggressive towards him, so much that I had to put my rabbits cage in my room and so I barely can see him throughout the day. Any tips on getting my dog used to him? Or how to...