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  1. L

    Molting rabbit

    Hi! I’m new to owning a rabbit and this is the first time he’s moulted, so I just need some advice. My rabbit has quick thick fur and as he’s pulling it off he seems to be ingesting too much to the point where he can’t swallow but I can’t pull it all out of his mouth. I only realised when he...
  2. peanutdabunny

    Spice up my rabbits cage before he gets neutered!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post! Right now until April my rabbit is housed in a big cage, this is just till he gets neutered. I was wondering if you guys can send me some links for stuff I can add to his playpen or in his cage! It can be linked to Ikea, Amazon, Etsy, etc! I want my...
  3. Breemarie77

    Bunny bonding behavior change

    Hello! I recently adopted a 3yo fixed female and I have a 1yo unfixed male. He’s getting fixed but it’s not until January. I have their cages in the same room, and I’m actually thinking about separating them now as he has started spraying and not eating as much because he can’t stop thinking...
  4. Daisy1010

    My rabbit eye got an infection, I don't know what to do currently.

    Hello guys, does anyone know what is going on with my rabbit eye? I had made an appointment with a veterinarian a few days later. I am quite worried if my rabbit will be okay before the day. Could anyone help me?
  5. X

    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    So a little background info, my bun is a 12 week old free roam lionhead (not sure if shes a mini or regular) and shes really good with using her litter box in the daytime, her daytime poops also look normal. She does eat her cecotropes but sometimes she might leave one or two in the litter box...