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Apr 21, 2021
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United Kingdom

I’m new to owning a rabbit and this is the first time he’s moulted, so I just need some advice.

My rabbit has quick thick fur and as he’s pulling it off he seems to be ingesting too much to the point where he can’t swallow but I can’t pull it all out of his mouth.

I only realised when he had straw poking out and once I took it out I realised there was a build up of fur.

Does anyone have any tips to make to help him, the poor rabbit looks so uncomfortable and I don’t want him to choke.

Thank you!!


Loony bunny guy
Jul 19, 2015
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Groom him.
When it's that bad I comb and pull lose fur out with my fingers, the comb (thin wire with little balls on the ends, square) is not always up to the job.
There are other tools like structured rubber gloves and stuff, you'll need to find out what works for you. You'll need to get a lot of fur off him.

He might not like it, but it needs to be done. Choking isn't the danger, but that he ingests too much, fur blocking the stomach - that can escalate into a life threatening emergency within hours.

Be sure to always give him a treat right after every session.

How old is he, is he neutered?
Just asking to make sure - he doesn't pull mouthfulls of fur and looks somewhat stupid doing it, but it accunulates somehow when he is grooming?
If it's the first, he very well might be a girl, and this a false pregnancy. Or a real one if there was any buck around one month ago.

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