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    Less affectionate and more aggressive after neutering?

    Hello! I have 2 male bunnies (Theo and Dash) around 8 months old and I recently had them neutered. They are in separate pens at the moment and are recovering fine. Dash was very dominant and aggressive before and now he is much calmer & responding well to litter training, however Theo was the...
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    Help needed.. bonding two male bunnies

    Hello! I have two male bunnies. Angel is 2 years and spayed, and Teddy was spayed over two months ago. Teddy's age is around 7 months, but I am not sure because we had to rescue him from a bad home... While teddy was still a baby they were living together in the same cage. And yes, I am aware...
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    Love or hate? Opinions needed!

    Hello guys! I have a bit of a strange situation with my bunnies, and I'm hoping someone here can have some enlightening opinions. I have two bunnies. Angel is two years and been spayed for 1.5 year. Teddy is approximately 6 months and also spayed two weeks ago. We rescued Teddy 3 months ago...