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  1. MochiTheBunny

    Is this normal?

    Hello everyone! Today I was looking at my rabbit and I noticed he has a heart-shaped bunch of fur around his nose. Looking back at older pictures and videos, it didn't seem that noticeable. Is this normal? If so, can you explain why this happens? Also, Mochi is turning 4 months in 10 days. Not...
  2. Shannon Watson

    Wet/Watery Poop!!!

    This is never a post I thought I’d have to make, but here we are! Appa, my mini Rex buck, is about 3 months old and just had his very first vet appointment while in our care. The vet clipped his nails for us and did what seemed like every test under the sun to determine the status of his...
  3. BunsInTheOven

    Rabbit Birth Late

    My doe (Flemish.Giant/California Rex mix) is now on day 34 of pregnancy. She was bred 5 times July 15 and has had a pretty normal pregancy up until this week. She started her nest on day 24, which is very typical for her. She's usually extremely aggressive and impatient during pregnancy, but...