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Aug 17, 2018
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My doe (Flemish.Giant/California Rex mix) is now on day 34 of pregnancy. She was bred 5 times July 15 and has had a pretty normal pregancy up until this week. She started her nest on day 24, which is very typical for her. She's usually extremely aggressive and impatient during pregnancy, but she's been sweeter than usual since I bred her with little mood change. Her milk is coming in and her belly is huge, she's even rearranged her nest a few times, but still no babies. She is about 16-18 months (She used to be a farm rabbit so I don't know her exact age.) She's had two other litters and she has had them the morning of the 28th day each time. She doesn't seem distressed or in pain but I am starting to get very worried for her babies. I moved her to a bigger, taller hutch for her pregnancy and she's been getting great nutrition and plenty of fresh water. Earlier she seemed like she was in labor, she was acting exactly as if she was too hot (but it was chilly out) but she wasn't in her nest. I left her alone, but when I checked a few hours later she was acting normal, no babies. Is this normal? I've read of healthy pregnancies going up to a week past their due date but I wasn't sure if this was the case.

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