injured bunny

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  1. N

    HELP !!

    I have a 6 year old Florida white rabbit and today I gave him a bath because his fur had gotten really muddy from our walk,at first he was fine with it but then he started to really stress out and started trying to jump out of the tub and it seemed like he couldn’t stop pooping so I took him out...
  2. Nikkijones

    Injured baby! Help! Warning, graphic photo!

    So our rabbit gave birth last night/this morning. When I went and found the new babies 1 was lovely and healthy.. the other not so much. Looks like it's head may have been sliced open by mum's nail or something? Definitely the smaller of the two that were born. What should I do? Just leave it...
  3. M

    My rabbit is injured. Please help.

    Hi! I'm new here and I really need an answer to my question because I'm really worried. My rabbit jumped out of the box when I'm carrying it. (I'm about to put him to grass then so he can play when that happend) So he basically fell from about 4 feet I think? Now I think he's injured and can't...
  4. J

    My doe has a broken leg.

    My rabbit was outside to exercise but when I came to let her go inside the cage, her left front leg was stuck in the tiny hole of the fence. Also her lip was bleeding as well as her other leg. The fence was made out of steel, so it was quite heavy too. Anyway, when I tried to get her leg out of...