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  1. Nikkilove323

    Drooping ear with red warm bald spot

    One of my precious rabbits ear started drooping a couple days ago and over night there was a quarter size bald warm spot at the back base of his ear. Help, what is this and how to I help my rabbit?
  2. LetaRayn

    Ear scratching?

    Hello there Is there is a reason why dose my rabbit scratches his ears irritationly and hard after I touch his ears a little through petting him? I started to avoiding touching his ears to avoid this, even if a hair touches his ears he will start scratching hard. He wouldn't do this if someone...
  3. jamsbuns


    What is this?
  4. D

    Very hot, red, swollen, drooping ear, please help

    My rabbit had a sudden loss in appetite and I've been keeping an eye on her. I've noticed her ear is warm. It is now drooping and is hot to the touch, very swollen compared to the other ear. I think she's not eating because of the pain. Taking her to the vet asap, but wanted to see what you guys...
  5. Maggie123

    White thing in ear (what is it?) Holland lop scratching and shaking head

    I have a 6 year old holland lop/lion head bunny and I noticed he was scratching his right ear and shaking his head a lot today. I looked inside his ear and saw this little white thing. This white thing wasn’t in his other ear. Is this something serious and would it be causing him to scratch at...