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  1. S

    Nervous about young Lionhead molar extraction

    Hi all,this is my first post but I've read some of the threads here over the last few months which have been very helpful. Our boy Simba is a 1 year old Lionhead with serious dental problems, and he's going into hospital tomorrow for a double molar extraction and I'm wondering if anyone has had...
  2. Hartlea

    The Saga Continues... Rabbit doesn’t like new bag of food (same brand)

    hello. I am soooo frustrated this morning. My rabbit is still being extremely fussy after having a dental done this past Wednesday... only picking at hay, but still loves eating pellets, among a couple other things. I realized yesterday afternoon I was getting very low on his bag of oxbow...
  3. Hartlea

    PLEASE HELP! Rabbit not drinking/eating well after Molar Spurs

    Guys, I need some help/support/advice, etc. My 1 year old Holland Lop had some molar spurs filed down Wednesday afternoon... I had noticed he wasn’t eating as well. He definitely had abrasions in his mouth. Anyway, long story short, I got him home, and I could get him to eat mushy pellets...
  4. Hartlea

    Potential Dental Problem?

    Hi, All! I have a one year old Holland lop, and I think he MAY be having some dental issues. He, by nature is a somewhat picky bun, but in the recent months, I seemed to have found (or thought I found) hay that he really liked. He has really upped his hay eating...but it has decreased again...
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