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  1. C

    Possible Baby Colors

    I’m trying to figure out the possibility colors for a litter of rabbits I have on the way. The buck is a Californian (pointed white) and the doe I can’t pin point the exact color I’m guessing broken chestnut. The does mom is a broken tricolor and dad is a chestnut. The does sister is a broken...
  2. AmandaCat

    What color is my Holland lop?

    I just adopted this little guy a couple days ago, and I’m curious about his coloring. Is he a broken tort?
  3. L

    What Are These Babies’ Colors?

    I have seven 4 week old Mini Lops that are absolutely adorable! I’m going to be having reservations for them in one week, once they reach 5 weeks old. But of course their pickup date to go home won’t be until they’re at least 8 weeks. Want to verify on their colors before putting them up for...
  4. A

    Need help identifying these Holland Lop colors from an expert!

    What colors would these Holland Lops be classified under? Two pictures of each bunny below.
  5. JazzPizzazz

    What colour?

    Hey there! I am new to this forum website, but I joined because I have been wondering about the colour of my Netherland Dwarf. I bought her from a breeder who bred very unique Netherland Dwarves. They have bred these rabbits since they bought a white doe with blue eyes. Here’s Jazz:
  6. CelestialMel

    New to this site and not really sure where to ask this.

    Hello! I recently got a pair of holland lops that I eventually plan to breed. My buck is a black otter, and the other I'm having a hard time figuring out what she is. Any Ideas? I was also wondering what colors their babies will have the possibility of being. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. B

    Can anyone tell what colour this Holland lop baby is?

    Would this be smoked pearl, blue point, smoked pearl marten? I pick him up on May 4th :)
  8. ashlea

    Colour of bunnies?

    I have a white/black (seal point) male and I’m wondering if it would be better to breed him with a grey female or black female. Both of the females are from the same litter with dad being a white/black seal point and mum is grey. I am hoping for more of a solid coloured bunnies instead of...
  9. V

    Can anyone help figure out the color of this baby?

    One of my Mini Rexs had her first litter today! Sadly, only one baby and a peanut made it through delivery. The normal baby is doing great and nice and plump and warm! But, his/her color is interesting looking (see attached pics). The Mom is a Blue Vienna mark with a BEW and tri-color...
  10. gb1913

    Rabbit Colours? (Photos)

    I'm new to rabbits online and I never really got into the whole world of names breeders have to identify coat colours... Could anyone tell me what colour my Rabbit April is (photo attached). She also delivered 2 surprises the other day. They're about 5 days old now, super excited to see how...
  11. Cookie-Truffles

    What colour is this rabbit?

    Just wondered if anyone can pin point exactly what colour this rabbit is please? Thanks in advance xx
  12. Cookie-Truffles

    What breed is this rabbit and colour?

    I have been bought a new addition to the family today but the people she was bought from are unsure of her breed and colour. Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance xx
  13. eliasjoy

    Breeding with different colors Help!

    What color baby bunnies will I get I have a girl Netherland dwarf Opal VM and I match with a boy Chocolate Holland lop.. will I get variety of colors like brokens or will they be self darker black colors or possibly lilac ? please lmk and thank you
  14. L

    What coloring is my buck? And what should I breed him with?

    This is Mr. Hyde. I’m looking for a doe and am going to be breeding him soon, and I’m curious what color he is called and what colors he would go best with. I’ve done a bit of research and from what I’ve researched I believe he’s called a Chinchilla, but I don’t know for sure. I know some color...