carpet issues

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  1. Nala-Bun21

    Post spay - bunny won’t come for hugs anymore ☹️ And digging excessively!!

    Hello, my little Nala was so affectionate and loved cuddles before her spay 2 weeks ago. She used to spend ages in my arms on the sofa but since her spay she seems scared of me in that respect! Her litter box use has massively improved and she isn’t marking on the sofa or spraying my feet! 🙏🏼...
  2. S

    False Pregnancy and Destroying Carpet!!!

    My rabbit is 3 years old and has lived alone since I adopted her at 8 weeks. For about 2 years, she lived in my fenced-in backyard (safe, suburban area in south Florida; no predators) and experienced her first false pregnancy in Winter of 2018. All I noticed was that she had torn up the fire-pit...
  3. B

    Hi some advice on things I might need additional to things I’ve already written down :)

    So this is my list of things that I Know my bunny will need. This is just the rough draft btw and everything here isn’t perfect and there will be some changes. ALSO: I have carpet and I would really hate to see it damaged and me getting my butt whooped. I know it’s natural instincts for bunnies...
  4. Honeybunny.


    My bunny would not stop eating/chewing the carpet, what should I do???
  5. Floyd2019

    Dilemma about rabbit safe flooring... i don't have any

    So my entire basement is covered in the worst carpet for rabbits ever. Longish fibers that are easy to pull out due to it being old and since its old it probably smells and tastes great for a bunny. My bun has always wanted to pull out the fibers and we have fought and fought over it. He has a...