Dilemma about rabbit safe flooring... i don't have any

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May 21, 2019
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So my entire basement is covered in the worst carpet for rabbits ever. Longish fibers that are easy to pull out due to it being old and since its old it probably smells and tastes great for a bunny. My bun has always wanted to pull out the fibers and we have fought and fought over it.
He has a blanket in his bunny area over the carpet. Normally he is in there at night and when I supervise him he is allowed out and roaming. It works.
Unless he feels like he has not had his fair share of free roaming time in whoch he will destroy his pen and dig up the blanket to reveal the carpet and will pull it and eat it.

In a few days I am going out of town for a week. Since it's the long weekend and i went camping an hour away i did a little test allowing my bunny to free roam the basement, being checked on and cared for each night by a pet sitter. Both nights she said everything was fine. Today i got home and he seems to have pulled and eaten 2 tiny spots in the carpet.

So my test failed and now I am concerned that no matter what while i am away he will be eating carpet.if he's locked up he'll eat it and vice versa...
What do i doooo!!!

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