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  1. C

    Marathon bonding boys

    Hello, I am working on a bonding process that does not seem to have much in the way of advice online or through my research. I hope folks could share their insight with me. I have a 5 year old neutered rabbit named Wendell and I decided to try to get him a companion. I contacted a local rescue...
  2. Hoolia

    Rabbits Ignoring Each Other

    I recently rescued an older bunny (Pup, 6y) to bond with my very old blind boy (Jackson, 9) who lost both his mates last year. Since my old man isn’t aggressive or territorial in the slightest, bonding him has never been hard. The new bunny I have found isn’t territorial either so I’ve been...
  3. A

    Help needed.. bonding two male bunnies

    Hello! I have two male bunnies. Angel is 2 years and spayed, and Teddy was spayed over two months ago. Teddy's age is around 7 months, but I am not sure because we had to rescue him from a bad home... While teddy was still a baby they were living together in the same cage. And yes, I am aware...
  4. TwoBunsInAPod

    Bonding Males

    Hi! I'm the current owner of four beautiful rabbits. My small collection contains two mixed dwarfs (both 1 year old) , one lop ear lionhead Holland mix (1 year), and a giant Flemish (turning a year the end of August). They are all de-sexed/altered. I'm currently having a bonding issue. ...