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  1. M

    3 months sick

    Hi! My 6 year old rabbit has been having health issues for three months now. He started with a wheezing sound from his nose, I took him to his vet and he gave him some antibiotics. But there was no sign of him getting better. He then started sneezing all day long. Then the vet changed to other...
  2. A

    Blue breast, 9yrs old

    See pics. Annabelle is 9 yrs old. Healthy except for occasional mud butt which i believe is diet related. Happens if she runs out of food in the night or eats too many fruits. Uses her litter box a little less tho, seems to happen if box is a little dirty. Past issues: Had 2 still born babies...
  3. pingoose

    Help! Can't Find Cause of Milky White Discharge

    Hi all, I've had an issue with my 1-year-old holland lop rabbit, Pingu, since about September of 2018. Since this time, she's consistently had milky white discharge coming out of her eye, which has resulted in mild hair loss due to the area being irritated. The skin surrounding her eye tends to...
  4. Teagan

    Help on Enrofloxacin Dosage!!!

    We have a holland lop, about 2.3 lbs, who's suffering from an inner ear infection, balance issues, appetite issues and tilt head. We took him to the emergency vet a couple weeks back and they prescribed Enrofloxacin, twice a day. But the emergency vet instructed us to give 1.0ML for every dose...