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  1. Z

    Bunny ate a lot of pellets and alfalfa?

    My 2 y.o. bun is an outside rabbit and last night we had a really windy night. It knocked over the alfalfa box and the bag of pellets and I guess she had the night of her life eating as much as she could. She normally gets only a few pellets every day (around 10g I guess) and a handful of...
  2. cassjane

    Finicky Hay Eater

    Kyle is a little over 4 mos. and has been eating mainly Alfalfa hay & young rabbit pellets, I’ve just recently started mixing in some Timothy hay with the Alfalfa. He’s gotten picky and wasteful with his hay. He loves the dried leaf-like crumbs of the alfalfa, but leaves behind the actual...
  3. U

    Underweight show rabbits!

    Hi I have a few show rabbits that are under weight and they will be going to a how in a little over one week! What is a good way to put weight on rabbit fast??? Is it ok to switch from rabbit pellets to straight Alfalfa pellets to put some weight on? Thanks
  4. B

    Alfalfa based diet for young rabbit - when to switch?

    Hi everyone, My rabbit is almost 4 months old and he’s currently eating unlimited alfalfa hay and oxbow’s young rabbit pellets. I’ve read mixed reviews on when to start switching over to timothy hay. At what age do you think it’s appropriate to start easing your rabbit into timothy hay...
  5. B

    Buying hay

    Hello! I've had my sweet boy, Ocean, for a year now of whom eats so much grass and the grass! Omg! It gets expensive! I currently buy him 10lbs bale online which lasts him 2 weeks but the chance that it's a good bale is such a gamble. Often I receive old, burnt, dry grass that would be cruel to...