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    Frustrated Bunny owner ready to give up!

    Wow! tunnelling into a wall??? All my bunnies annoying behaviours pale in comparison to this. Thank goodness your place was made of brick! And removing the insulation from power cords? sounds like a death threat to me. :) It's amazing how destructive they can be if they want to, especially...
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    Frustrated Bunny owner ready to give up!

    One of my girls is a chewer. She chews every soft, rubbery, plastic-y thing she can find. She has chewed wooden furniture legs and just about everything she can get her teeth on. I got her some apple sticks and now she rarely chews things I don't want her to. If I catch her about to chew...
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    Frustrated Bunny owner ready to give up!

    I adopted a boy who was quite a destructive chewer. His original owners didn't have him neutered and while he would let me pet him, he was hard to get close to. He also would hump me! My arm, my leg, my back - whatever was nearest to him. I got him a stuffed animal and he humped that poor...
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    Anyone looking to rehome a boy? - Melb/Australia

    I'm sorry I don't have any helpful advice, except I did have a male bunny who was in love with my arm. He humped me every time I got near him. I had him neutered and it calmed down a lot, but it did take a bit of time. He turned into the sweetest, most loving bun I've ever had. You might...
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    RIP Gally

    I'm so sorry you lost your precious Gally. I can just picture him racing for his Yum Yums. I have 2 girls and they are free roam all day, but go into their pen at night when I'm in bed. I block my bedroom off with a pet gate because 'someone' peed in there and chewed the wallpaper, but no one...
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    Urinate up on the cage, why do he do that?

    I have 2 girls and they love each other 90% of the time. The other 10% they will bite the other if they're in the way of the food, little one likes to hump the big one on her head, and they will pee on the food dish after they've eaten their fill. Such brats! They are just so adorable and I...
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    Good rabbit treats? ( not homemade )

    Oxbow makes freeze dried strawberries. They're cut into small pieces so you don't have to break them up, and there is no added sugar. You'd think that would be easy to find, but it's not. It's crazy - they add sugar to everything now. I saw a big bag of dried blueberries at Costco and was...
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    Cleaning Bunny Bottom

    I'm glad you're able to talk to them about this. I'm sure you already know they should never eat pasta or bread - even small amounts. Bunnies are complicated pets and I'm not sure where you live, but even though I live in a large, urban area, it's difficult to find vets who specialize in...
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    Cleaning Bunny Bottom

    Just a warning to you. My parents were very good to let me move with them after my divorce and I moved back to where I grew up. They didn't want me to bring my bunny, but ended up falling in love with him. I had to take him over for visits after I moved out, because they missed him so much...
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    Cleaning Bunny Bottom

    I used to have problems with one of my bunnies, and often had to bathe her. Putting her in a plastic basin with 3 or 4" of water works really well, especially if it's really caked on. The more that is on there, the longer you need to soak. I usually took my free hand and swished it back and...
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    Bunny Garden Question

    Thanks, it does! :)
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    Bunny Garden Question

    I'm not much of a gardener, so I will admit my ignorance there, but I wouldn't be using a litter I thought was not safe for my rabbits. The whole purpose of buying this brand is for #1) the safety & comfort of my buns, #2) veterinarian recommended, and #3) it's safe for the environment. Below...
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    Bunny Garden Question

    I've been wanting to grow some veggies for my bunnies for a long time, although I live in a one bedroom apt in a high rise building. I also thought poop would make perfect fertilizer. My question is this: would it be ok to use the poop along with Yesterdays News litter? When I clean out my...
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    Best greens to give bunny?

    I have a question for everyone commenting on this post. How much do you feed your buns for greens? I recently took my 2 off everything but hay for several weeks. One of them would get a "poopy bum" quite often, so I gave them a rest and everything cleared up. I've been gradually adding...
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    Hey, I have 2 bunnies and have had them for 4 years now. One of them LOVES her hay and eats it 24/7. She's always chewing something. The other one, however - she would eat hay, but only if there was nothing else, no pellets or greens. I've had trouble with her on and off with a poopy butt...