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    Need opinions please!!

    In my opinion, if the bunnies are already bonded (it sounds like the pair you'd get are, and they're fixed already too!), then it isn't any more work than just getting the one bun. If the two buns from the shelter are not bonded, that will be quite a learning curve for you as a first time bun...
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    Honey (& Clover)

    Honey is a mix (I think). She is light grey, almost a lighter chinchilla coloring, with dark brown eyes and really long black lashes. She has a broken white "collar" around her neck, and no dewlap. She's about 2.5lbs. She was adopted on October 6, 2014 from the same pet store as Clover...
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    Clover (& Honey)

    Clover's breed is unknown, though my guess is mini satin mix. He has the satin fur in a dark grey/blue color, and an adorable white spot right on his nose and he has blue eyes. Unfortunately, he is very difficult to photograph because the apartment isn't well-lit! He comes out like a shadow with...
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    I've gone camping with my buns. However, we have a camper and a van. And went in winter in Florida. So it wasn't too particularly hot. When the buns were not in the van (in their cage), they were in the camper. In both instances, there was absolutely no way that any predator could possibly...
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    Admit it, you once had a rabbit named...

    These, exactly--my first rabbit was "Whitey" (she was albino), my sisters was "Brownie" (brown bun, clearly). Other bunny names growing up were things like Toffee, Snickers, and Whiskers. I like my naming skills now lol, Honey & Clover. My sister has a bun named Toffee (again--she...
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    Xmas Movie Traditions

    A Christmas Story--that's a tradition from my boyfriend and his mom, I never watched it until we started dating. But now it's a part of our family tradition together! :D I try to watch the stop-motion animated films as well but I still don't have a DVD copy and they're not on Netflix. The one...
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    kunoshima/Usagishima/"Bunny Island"?

    Have you guys heard of this place? I did quite some time ago and I'm surprised that I couldn't find a thread about it anywhere here! (I did a search, nothing showed I hope this isnt a repeat thread!) From Wikipedia. Here's a video. Some photos (pulled from Google)...
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    My father always wants to go nose to nose with me

    Our Mama noses us and snuggles our ears and stuff we love it !! we run from Papa a lot though he always shoos us back into our house or something but he gives good pets sometimes
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    Should I buy him?

    No idea why that posted twice, sorry! You're welcome. :)
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    Opinions on the movie - The Christmas Bunny

    It's on Netflix, actually! I've watched it from beginning to end and the first thing I'll say is that it's definitely not a 'warm, fuzzy-feeling' film. Well, it has its moments, but they're overwhelmed by the sad/depressing drama parts. It's pretty slow, as far as pacing goes, and some parts...
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    Should I buy him?

    He's very cute, old enough for what you're looking for, and neutered--I second the suggestion to go meet him, if you can! It looks like that shelter has a few rabbits up for adoption, but most others are in pairs. I assume that your parents only will allow you to have one bun for now? When...
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    Feeling left out and just need to vent

    You could always ask something along the lines of "What's up? We haven't been out as a group much lately..." and see if she addresses how you haven't been invited. (Alternatively, just be entirely straight-forward about it with something like "Why haven't I been invited along? We're pretty...
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    Mama doesn't know if she can have more than one account so all adorable pics of us have been on her personal instagram you can check us out @ladylucina Papa doesn't have a smartphone so he cant take pics for us ): mebbe Mama will make a new account when she starts using a real camera...
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    What's the most expensive item your rabbit has ruined?

    They've damaged some of our furniture--like a $110 bookshelf from Target--but it can still be repaired since it's mostly cosmetic. They ALMOST got my boyfriends mac charger which is pretty pricey, as well. For the most part it's minor nibbles here and there with nothing too particularly bad...
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    Your nick-names!

    Honey: Mama calls me Honey Bun or Sweet Pea a lot especially when she gives me nanas and pets! Clover She calls me Boopie Bunny and Floppy Bun a lot...i guess i do flop everywhere... Honey & Clover: Papa calls us bunny beasts, little monsters, and a few others names and hes really gruffy but...