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    Pre Loved Dodgy Seller?

    Decided not too.
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    Inaccurate children's book about rabbits

    Its a kids book, therefor can't be taken seriously. If it was a care book on history and how to care for rabbits, than would be a different situation,
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    Greedy Bunny?

    I follow the instructions on the back of the packet, she gets 30 grams and a extra with her greens in the evening and yes she has hay 24/7
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    Pre Loved Dodgy Seller?

    I'm planning on adopting 2 male guinea pigs tomorrow but having second thoughts..... and worried this person I came across is out to make money. When I found them, she was asking £15 for both. When I enquired about them and agreed to pick them up tomorrow, she's upped the price to £20 this...
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    Local person is selling 3 week old baby rabbits. Is this legal?

    Are they just reserving them? When I got mine, they were up for sale, but further down said "ready to reserve" IF they are selling them underage, is there anyway to report them?
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    What are your favorite rabbit breeds?

    I love the giant rabbits such as the continental rabbits <3 but I adore the smaller breeds like the mini lops and the Netherland Dwarfs also, just too adorable.
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    Greedy Bunny?

    I've had Sandy for about a week and she can eat lol In morning she gets excel burgress pellets, mid afternoon she gets a treat and in evening around 5-6PM, she'll get a bowl full of greens with a sprinkle of more pellets plus large amounts of timothy hay. But she eats all this and still acts...
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    How do I know if a vet is ‘rabbit savvy’?

    Avoid Springfield Vets at all costs if possible, they advertise as being small animal friendly and they really aren't, I had a bad experience with their so called care a few years back and never went back.