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  1. Samara

    Please delete my account(s)

    This is retarded; I haven't logged in in almost 2 years and I keep getting emails about why I haven't. For crying out loud - how can you not expect people to want to delete their accounts when they do what you say about not logging in anymore and you harass them with external emails? FFS
  2. Samara

    List three things that you LIKE and DISLIKE the most about keeping rabbits?

    Dislikes: 1) Chewing non-bunny items, like carpet, cords and books. 2) They are tough to bond unless they choose their mate. 3) It's tough to find a super snuggle-loving rabbit. Likes: 1) They are all individuals with their own traits and antics. 2) They are smart as far as training...
  3. Samara

    Does anybody keep their rabbits in the bedroom?

    Atticus is a loose house bunny with his "home base" being where we sleep. He likes to hurdle us and binky onto us in the middle of the night. -.-
  4. Samara

    Remix's new NIC cage

    Looks awesome! Great job!
  5. Samara

    Levels in NIC

    Home Depot, Lowes or any type of store like that. You can buy them in a lot of different sizes, they range from less than a dollar to 4 dollars. You can add them after the shelves are on in place, just slide them underneath and zip-tie them if you want to, into place. :)
  6. Samara

    This has become a NIGHTMARE!

    Fingers crossed!
  7. Samara

    Play area - Thoughts

  8. Samara

    Getting along

  9. Samara


    Wood stove pellets! :) Less than 5 dollars for 40 pounds :)
  10. Samara

    Question on NIC cage

    My levels in my NIC enclosure we one panel higher than the one below it. My guys took right to them. Do you have any covering over the additional levels, or are they bare NIC panel? I know sometimes that can prevent them from hopping up. You could also put some enticing aromatic treats up there...
  11. Samara

    Run of House

    My first rabbit was a free roaming bunny, but tended to stay on one floor at all times. He would venture down the stairs and zip back up without lingering much. My Atticus is a free roaming house bunny. I rearranged so he can't get to any cords. The tubing that goes over wires has gotten...
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    Hey Guys! We're New:)

  13. Samara

    Veterinarian new to this forum

    :thumbup Wicked glad to have you! Welcome!
  14. Samara

    Rex or Mini Rex?

    Her head is pretty small...I would say she's just a large mini rex. My first bun was a standard rex and he was just over 8 pounds.