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    I have touched it and he didn’t flinch although it’s hard to tell as he doesn’t love me putting my fingers in his mouth. I have sent the picture to two other vets but no one has responded yet. Thank you @Theo for responding
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    Our rex has been acting a bit strangely recently (still eating a pooing but a bit less friendly than usual) and when I checked his teeth I noticed one isn’t growing properly. Has anyone seen this before? The vet isn’t concerned but it doesn’t look right to me. Thanks so much
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    rabbit leash/harness?

    We use a harness in the garden just in case the rabbits were ever to spook and run away (they never have but I worry) They’re not bothered by the harness thankfully. We’re based in the UK but they sell these ones in most pet shops (online and real shops!) and I think they’re good. No idea if...
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    bunny biting bars of cage

    I’m not sure... sorry, that’s not very helpful. I don’t think it will reinforce a habit as I reckon he’ll always bite the bars when he wants to get out whether you always let him out or not. Hopefully others with more experience will be more useful.
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    bunny biting bars of cage

    Whenever our rabbit has bitten the bars it’s because he wants to get out. He’s free roam so never takes kindly to being in an x-pen but when we have a lot of people over I section off a part of a room for him so he doesn’t get driven mad. Think he wants to be driven mad!!
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    Adopting from pets at home?

    I think some of the bunnies at pets at home haven’t sold within a few months so they put them in their ‘adoption’ space and others have been returned and they’re acting like a shelter. If you ask they should be able to tell you the story of the individual rabbit. They seem to always have rabbits...
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    Rabbit Randomly Digging

    If there’s room maybe lay a tile over the carpet area where she’s digging, hopefully she’ll go back to playing with her toys. Assuming your avatar is your bunny- she’s seriously cute!
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    Rant: My Rabbit is becoming a pain in the tuckus...

    This is brilliant!! Can’t understand why they wouldn’t post
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    Bunny died today :(

    I’m so sorry for your loss, it sounds so quick and such a shock for you all. So sorry.
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    Where can I buy Critical Care??

    Amazon. Hope all goes well x
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    New to bonding

    Thank you all so much for your help and advice. They’re being really sweet with each other, flopping together, finally grooming each other and happily snuggling in their litter trays (in their cage) even though they are free roam and have a whole room. I leave the cage open all the time, they...
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    New to bonding

    @Alyssa and Bugs♡ I’m not sure why I thought the space could be too big- just thought that maybe he wants to attempt to mate with her (she’s spayed/ he’s neutered) but he can’t catch her and he’s getting cross. @TreasuredFriend Thanks so much for your response and the link. When I left them...
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    New to bonding

    @Alyssa and Bugs♡ Thanks so much. I think maybe I’ve given them too much room too soon (they pretty much have the whole room). Should I make it smaller? I’m worried about him catching her if they fight in a smaller space as now she can run away but they’ve never mounted so maybe he’s just trying...
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    New to bonding

    Thanks so much @April LD They can be left alone in the day now and they are fine, they flop in their own space, happily eat, drink and poop together but every now and again he’ll nip her and she’ll run away. They are house bunnies and free roam but only have one room at the moment (the rex is...
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    New to bonding

    I’ve separated them for tonight but not sure when I’m going to be happy to leave the as they seem fine but the rex still randomly chases the lop who runs away. She always gets away but I don’t want to not be there in case she can’t one day.