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    Day 28 made a nest and pulling fur

    No way to tell but to wait and see. But chances are that she kindles soon, but nothing is sure. Isn't the waiting game fun? :D
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    Bunny Rolling On Back?

    My opinion: I don't "know" that, but we've seen it repeated all over the internet. Parroted smart words. But rabbits aren't chicken. Being on their back is an awkward position for them, they can be confused about what to do because they have no options there, ergonomically. Their reaction to...
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    Bonding with bunny?

    Relax. Take a step back and don't force yourself on her, just be a around, spend time around her and let her come to you. Do normal stuff around her, like reading, eating etc. Patience. Things like that develope over weeks and months, not days. As far as I can tell, there is no "bonding...
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    bunny’s possible 2nd litter

    If that escape to the buck was appr. 4 weeks ago you quite likely get another litter very soon. You can, and should seperate permanently and wean the kits if she indeed is pregnant, they are old enough. Kits should not be able to get to her or the new nest (they trample everything). If she's...
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    Feeding bunny veggies throughout the day?

    Small rabbit breeds don't really need pellets, or alfalfa. Or even vegetables if diverse forage is fed. All those pellet brands and formulations is mostly clever marketing, a spinoff from meat and fur production - they are not bad, but not really necessary. Not getting the max. growth rate is...
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    Is my rabbit deaf or just really chill?

    Well, I can drop a pile of pans right beside my rabbits, they don't flinch. But stepping on something crunchy, like a dry twig, when they don't see me comming really makes them listen up.
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    Is this ok for rabbits to eat?

    Why not, it's just grasses and some clover. What actually grows will depend on your location and soil, and on what survives being nibbled. I wouldn't expect that the forage to have the same amount of clover as the seed percentage under most circumstances.
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    can rabbits eat dried strawberries?

    It's pretty much pure sugar though, so just in very small amounts as a treat. Organic or not does not make any difference there.
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    How to know the gender of bunny.

    You can take pictures of the privvy parts and post them here, Look up "How to sex rabbits" first on Google or whatever to know how to take useful pictures (more than 2 hands are really useful). If you know a breeder that would be the person I would ask. Actually, I invite the next breeder down...
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    Is it safe to keep rabbits outdoors?

    Well, cold doesn't cause snuffles, that's an infection. Like, the common cold isn't caused by cold either, it's just us crowding together in sparsly ventilated, heated rooms with sickly people in cold times, spreading the viruses. Also, rabbits can deal with cold a lot better than with heat, but...
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    Rabbit nesting???

    If there's any doubt, offer lots of hay as nesting material, and a nestbox if feasable. Faslse pregnancys are common among intact females, quite normal now and then.But all those claims about "breeding through wire" had some people around, curious, often young people, resulting in real pregnancys.
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    Rabbit nesting???

    If there isn't a male around, and she's an unspayed female - that's a false pregnancy. Completly normal. Rabbits evolved to multiply, so that instincts and hormones are what you see.
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    Please help I have an injured baby rabbit

    Hm. I would say there isn't much to do but let nature take its course, apart from trying to apply antiseptic ointment like Betaisodona. Breeding rabbits willl confront you with suffering and death. Part of the deal. Most problems I read about online IMO is caused by too much meddling. They are...
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    Im new to registering rabbits and I have some questions.

    Best ask the breeder you've got them from. As far as I know registering and stuff is not as rigid and well organized as with other animals, so you might want to know more details.I definitly have no clue about the situation in Peru, but I think getting in contact with local people engaged in...
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    My rabbit had babies

    Quite likely you wont see her nurse for some time, my does do not nurse while anyone is around. Prey animals. Also, it can take up to 24h for the milk to drop. What she needs is food, rest and privacy. So, after an initial check to clean the nest I would leave them alone for some days. Checking...