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    Bunny Bucket List

    Has anyone ever thought about the things that they would like their bunny to experience in the short life they have with us? Do you also have a bunny in your life that may not see the end of this year? If so, would you please help in contributing your ideas to a Bunny Bucket List that will allow...
  2. MissActon08

    Fergus needs long term foster/forever family (Los Angeles,CA)

    Hello, I got a call 2 months ago from a local rabbit rescue I have worked with before that they had just received two young Flemish Giants. They knew this was what I was looking for after the sudden loss of my Flemish "Walle" 4 months earlier and after taking the weekend to see how this would...
  3. MissActon08

    Does my rescue look like a White Flemish Giant?

    Hello Everyone, I rescued the rabbit below as I was told he is a Flemish Giant or Flemish mix. Now I've had 4 Flemish Giant rabbits one a mix, and he does not seem big enough nor have the right head shape. Can one of you help me to tell if he is a Flemish Giant or if he is an American or...