Fergus needs long term foster/forever family (Los Angeles,CA)

Discussion in 'Rescue Me!' started by MissActon08, Nov 6, 2019.

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    I got a call 2 months ago from a local rabbit rescue I have worked with before that they had just received two young Flemish Giants. They knew this was what I was looking for after the sudden loss of my Flemish "Walle" 4 months earlier and after taking the weekend to see how this would work logistically I called for more information. I was told two 8 month old Flemish's had been confiscated from a Santee Alley vendor along with a dwarf companion and then was sent a photo of all three (below). The next day I was told the tan one who looks like a Flemish was staying with the rescuer to become a personal bun. So not being a Flemish expert and thinking how beautiful a white Flemish would be I drove to her house to pick up my new rabbit. As soon as I got there everything seemed off... She rushed me through a new contract, collected my money quickly placed the rabbit on my lap for a photo and then quickly tried to send me on my way.

    I didn't think anything of it until I got home. I now have a 10 month old albino rabbit that I had neutered and treated for fecal parasites his first week with me. I have asked nicely for the rescuer to take him back and re-bond him with his original companions, taken him to 5 adoption events where the rescuer has "overlooked" him in bonding and fosters, and now have been told if I can't keep him I need to pay for boarding. I tried bonding him to my 5 rabbits, and he attacked my dawrf lionhead badly and my dutch female left him with a small wound after only 15 mins and this is not my first bonding, but probably my fastest separation. I refuse to stress my current rabbits to add an unsuited 6th, but am getting little help from the original rescue except to pay for boarding. I travel for work and my father cares for my 5 rabbits when I am gone, but is reluctant to care for an unbonded 6th. I would love any suggestions.

    A little about Fergus...

    We think Fergus is a Florida White or New Zealand mix and he is 10 months old and weighs about 7lbs (bigger boy). He is very silly, goofy, playful and curious and loves attention. He would provide you with so many entertaining moments whether he is binking across the room or hiding in his hay or greeting you at the door. He likes attention, carrots, died cranberries, parsley and his litter box. We are working on better litter box habits, and have finally gotten him to a healthy weight as he was very malnourished. If you think he might be a fit for you or your rabbits please reach out as he is a sweetheart looking for his forever family.

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