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    safe food?

    Other than a short time on Sherwood Forest(my dad got cranky about the price) she has been eating the plain Small World pellets and getting plenty of normal hay. So I'm not sure why he bought the other stuff all of a sudden. We complained that the bunny couldn't eat it, and my stepmom said...
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    safe food?

    I ended up having to give her some, because I just found out that she hasn't eaten in two days and we don't have any hay because "the food has hay in it". I picked out all the little extra bits though. Which was hard, because it was only like 10% pellet. It's chock full of oat seeds, corn...
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    safe food?

    Is Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet "okay"? Has anyone tried it? My dad went to Walmart for bunny food(I don't love it, but it's something) and he came back with it all proud of himself for getting a healthy food. It has "fruits, vegetables, and seeds" and is from Walmart so I looked at...
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    This is her "please!" face.
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    Cleaning her face...
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    I bought a fake rat to scare my parents(it worked, but that's a whole different story) and out of curiosity, I put it next to Faith. The little cutie chinned it then started grooming it. It's not going to happen, but I think the little turd would make a great momma. (Now I can only post one...?)
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    It's been forever since I've posted in here, but I finally got some good pictures the other day, so I thought I would show you all a bit of the princess herself. The poor girl also had to incur the wrath of my autistic stepbrother, who was being super naughty because it was just my stepsister...
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    Flop litters...first group are 8 weeks now and the second just hit 4 weeks.

    Oh my goodness, they are all too cute! The broken opal doe baby has a grump face. :)
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    In Heat, On Cycle?

    :yeahthat: Also, if your rabbit seems to have the same "cycle" as you, it could be that you are hormonal and she is picking up on your emotions and mirroring it. I know when humans are stressed, it can make bunnies stressed as well.
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    Doesn't want to be picked up

    Our bunny bred in a good breeding situation hates being picked up. That is just how some bunnies are. We usually pick ours up with two hands on her sides, then put one hand under her bottom and one hand on her side to prevent her jumping out of our arms(she has done it before, freaked me out)...
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    Your Favorite Game to Play with Your Human

    I wike to do what my mommies say is "wevitation". I make myself pop stwaight up, den move over in de air to get on de couch!
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    This poor family

    There is just something about this story not adding up, and I can't figure out who or what to believe because of it. Somebody is leaving some information out somewhere.
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    do rabbits (and other animals too) like it when we sing to them?

    My bunny is a lot calmer when I sing to her, but it's the same if I talk to her. My friend's horse is an anxious one, and she sings to him and he calms down right away. Talking, for her horse, doesn't do that.
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    Stop me, I want a new bunny!!!

    Zoe did put it perfectly. My parents told us that we would either have to get rid of a pet or a kid if we wanted a new pet. I just got my first pet almost two years ago, and it was so exciting when we first got her! But now my stepsister and I both want another dog and another bunny. Neither...
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    Show me on dis chart where your hooman snuggled you

    My mommies know that I like the "Yes" places, so they give me pets there when I sit still and tell them to pet me, but when I'm trying to run around they touch me all over and say that I need to get used to hoomans touching me. I'm used to it, I just don't like being picked up!