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    Any good tips on how to fall asleep?

    I often do it also but having a bunny jumping on me and hearing one of them stomp to the base made it harder to sleep 😅
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    Any good tips on how to fall asleep?

    Yeah we have it also, I think the cops came around 3, it often takes time for them to respond to these things 🤣
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    Any good tips on how to fall asleep?

    It’s night here in sweden and I just want to fall asleep but a few streets away they are having a party. Seem like people forgets we are in a pandemic but they could at least respect some people want to sleep during the night 😅 I can perfectly hear britney spears Toxic blasting outside and I’m...
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    Harlequin lifespan? How long have yours lived?

    I would say she can get to be 10 years as long nothing happens and she can stay healthy. But you can never know. I had a french lop (7), just a bit larger but small for a french lop (12 lbs) but her brother passed away at 3 years of age. But some can get over 10 years. Just enjoy every year you...
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    Eye boogers

    My bunnies always get eye boggers specially my netherland dwarf, I need to clean his eyes every day and take it away. While my other bunny clean his own eye bogger away, as long it's not a lot and the eye look good it's normal.
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    I think my bunnies hate me... and it might be mutual

    If its not working and makes the family and you miserably, I would say try to find a new home that can work with them and let them be happy. Not all bunnies will fit into a household and you seem to have a picture on how a bunny should be and act in your family. This won't fit all bunnies and...
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    Wood pieces were found in timothy hay

    Myself always found it but I buy bale of hay instead. Sometimes they even have torn and I need to pluck the torns out from my hand, I always throw the wood or plants with thorns away when it happens. The bale of hay I have now had torns in it which I just grabbed bare handed before I noticed...
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    Get to know each other game!

    True, I truly want to own a flemish giant, might get one when I move. The person below me like watching anime ☺️
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    Keep on feeding with syringe, it’s good she’s gets food into her stomach and water. She should be start eating on her own later but keep an eye up and if she seem to get worse take her to the vet immediately. Don’t feed too much mashed banana even though she loves it the most. I hope your...
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    Try to syringe feed pellets with a bit of mashed banana. It’s important now to get food in her stomach and get it to work. I hope your get in contact with a vet, when it have gone so many hours without food. This is one of the dangers after a neuter/spay that the bunny won’t start to eat on...
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    Share your day :)

    Hi everyone, today I have finally done something. Don’t even know how I could even have the energy when I slept less than 2 hours today but I had a bit of headache because of not getting a good rest. I truly wished that I could sleep during the night, at least I could listen to the birds singing...
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    Get to know each other game!

    If Storm is used with the different greens it won’t be too much. French lops can eat a lot and as long the bunny eat grass or hay it will be okay. Going after grams pf veggies is no use, just go after how the droppings look like for storm and portion it after that ☺️ The person below me like...
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    Will my bunny stay mad at me

    He won’t hate you forever, my bunny also avoided me after being neutered and would attack me. He became a nightmare for a bunny but after all the hormones and not feeling pain he was back to normal again. Just spoil him with food and he will come back again ☺️ Have your bunny started to eat...
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    Shy New Baby Rabbit

    I love using dried banana or apple as treats to spice up the treats I have but pellets work really well as treats for bunnies. I like using apple because I can take two slices and just make it to small pieces as treats for the day. If you know how much pellets your bunny can eat during a day...
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    If she was breed again, it will be okay. The other kits will be old enough to be weaned when the new kits comes. But if you don’t want to have any kits then you only have spaying. Next time keep an eye on your girl so she don’t escape again ☺️