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    Blue vs. Lilac Tort

    @JBun @SableSteel
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    Blue vs. Lilac Tort

    What color is this bunny? His parents are a blue tort VM (with known genotype aaBbCc(chd)ddee(j)) and black/orange torted harlequin VM (with known genotype AaBbC_Dde(j)e). Siblings ended up being black torts, blue tort, and black/orange harlequin. Pictures below show how he progressed with age...
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    Overgroomed Baby

    Thank you both very much for the responses and information. The baby is still doing wonderfully, as active (if not more) than its siblings. I have been cleaning it often and doing everything in my power to keep infection from happening!
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    Overgroomed Baby

    Yesterday we had more baby bunnies born! Unfortunately out of the eight, only three survived with one being in critical condition. Mama overgroomed it at birth (this is her first litter), so it is missing an ear and some skin around the area. I have been keeping it clean and using animal liquid...
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    What breed is my bun?

    Most likely a Mini Lop, could be mixed. His coloring is called Black Magpie!
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    *HELP NEEDED* Baby Anus Polyps??

    *Update* The vet says the baby bunny has inflammation that could be caused by one of two things: parasites or an infection. It sounded like there is a partial prolapse, too. The bunny is now on antibiotics and probiotics; we should see results in the next week or so! I was told to not limit...
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    *HELP NEEDED* Baby Anus Polyps??

    Thank you for your help and reassurance. The vet only has a drop off time open, meaning the baby will spend tommorow (and possibly the night) at the clinic. Although this is less than ideal, I wouldn't do it unless I felt it was necessary. Unfortunately they do not allow the mother to be brought...
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    *HELP NEEDED* Baby Anus Polyps?? After reading this thread, I'm pretty sure this baby has a rectal prolapse. We have a vet appointment for tommorow afternoon.
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    *HELP NEEDED* Baby Anus Polyps??

    Sometimes baby poops get stuck in the fur around their bottom at this age, nothing unusual. The actual poops are hard and a golden brown color. The kit is still nursing and with mom, the diet consists of unlimited Timothy hay and Haystack rabbit pellets. Mom gets occasional herbs and romaine...
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    *HELP NEEDED* Baby Anus Polyps??

    This poor baby is nearing 4 weeks of age, and just started showing signs of a swollen anus 2-3 days ago. It has progressed since; I've never seen anything like it. Thankfully the baby is full of energy and still pooping well through the center of the swollen anus... for now. I will take no...
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    What classifies a rabbit as extreme Vienna marked?

    I've heard lots of conflicting information recently, regarding heavy/extreme VM bunnies, so I just wanted to clarify. Is it when over 50% of the fur is white (Vienna marked)?
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    Help with bunny gender

    Definitely a buck (male).
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    What kind of coat does my rabbit have?

    He appears to be a Lion Lop (a mix between a lion head and Holland Lop). The multicolored one has a coat coloring known to be "Japanese harlequin" (orange/black). The brown one has a coat coloring known to be "black torted otter" (simplified as "fox"). Hope this helps, and happy holidays!
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    Bunny sexing

    Definitely a female!