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    Hoppy 1 Year Anniversary To Me!

    I cannot believe it's been a whole year since I decided to join RabbitsOnline... I just wanted to quickly thank you all for your advice, input, and adorable bunny pictures! Being one of the few experienced breeders on here, hopefully I've been a help to some of you just starting out :)
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    Is my bunnies breed Teddy Bear ?

    No way, I totally just learned something new! That is SO interesting. In America, Angora's are probably the closest thing you could find to that.
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    Is my bunnies breed Teddy Bear ?

    Breed: Angora / Lop Mix Color: Blue Eyed White (BEW)
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    Rabbit Licks: Salt or Affection??

    That's what I've noticed too! All of my buns get a pretty similar diet, yet some groom me while others expect to be groomed by me. I used to buy salt licks, but they got ignored by the rabbits...
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    Rabbit Licks: Salt or Affection??

    This seems to be a debatable question... Do rabbits "groom" humans as a loving thing, or possibly because they have a salt deficiency in their diet?
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    Breeding challenges

    I think I was confusing myself above haha. What I was trying to say is... You cannot guarantee if you will not get peanuts if you don't know 100% of the parents are true or false dwarfs. Many people (including myself at times) assume a bunny to be a false dwarf, but when they breed it to a true...
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    Breeding challenges

    Yep you've got it! The main hardest thing is figuring out which buns are true and false dwarfs. While some are more obvious than others, the only way to tell for sure is via breeding.
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    Breeding challenges

    The only way to avoid peanuts is breeding false dwarf X false dwarf. That being said, it is very hard to guarantee if a rabbit is a false dwarf without breeding. Sure, weight plays a role, but most HL, for example, weigh under 4 lbs. so the weight difference is so small it is impossible to know...
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    Breeding challenges

    All dwarf breeds are pretty difficult to breed. Holland Lops (average 3-5 per litter) do throw bigger litters than Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads (average 1-3 per litter). Since they all carry the dwarf gene, peanuts (deformed babies who never survive) are bound to pop up. Since they are a...
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    Butt Skirt

    Yep, she has a "ruffle" of loose skin! Nothing harmful about it, the only thing is it can be a hindrance for breeding but I doubt you are worried about that :)
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    Best Etsy Rabbit Toys?

    Share your suggestions!
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    My rabbit's not a chewer. Will she have tooth problems?

    Make sure any [chew] toys are made out of untreated wood or hay. THIS is an amazing toy set I think your bun may enjoy, as it has quite the variety of items to chew/explore. Also, I would like to mention that orchard hay is the most abrasive type of hay (more so than Timothy), so if you're...
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    Switching to 100% Organic Pellets!

    We did it... our rabbitry is now fully organic! We decided to go with Modesto Millings Organic Rabbit Pellets, we are going to give them a try because, after talking to many local breeders, this is the pellets they use and recommend. They are non-soy and non-corn, with an alfalfa base like we...
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    Help! Alternative Flooring Options??

    I found my solution! Hardwood flooring. As funny as it may sound, I stumbled across a very good deal (second hand, new because it was leftover from a big project...) and decided to give it a whirl. So far it is holding up great, as she obviously can't do much damage to it haha :) It is the...
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    New to pregnancy

    OK! She must definitely have some Dutch in her though. So glad you have healthy babies this time around!