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    Preventing GI stasis

    Thank you, we will do that. I was going to ask what other lettuces are good but I found this source - Suggested Vegetables and Fruits for a Rabbit Diet | House Rabbit Society
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    We had to let Cinder go

    I had to be away for a week due to a death in the family and didn't leave clear enough instructions because the bunnies were fed too much vegetables when I was gone, and Cinder might have also twisted her stomach. We did x rays and gave her simethicone, metacam, metoclopramide, cisapride, IV...
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    Preventing GI stasis

    We recently lost a bun due to GI stasis (and potentially a twisted stomach) and I wondered what else we can do to prevent it in the future. The buns have the following diet * Unlimited hay (orchard or timothy), they eat a good deal of the orchard especially * 1/8th cup Oxbow pellets, the...
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    Handling rabbits that don't like to be picked up

    I have 4 indoor rabbits and I find they do not like to be picked up, but I feel I should be brushing them regularly to help prevent GI stasis. How do we work with them to get them more amenable to being handled? I would be happy to leave them be except I worry about their health.
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    Bun refuses all food. Went to vet. 24 hours later and she's still won't eat anything.

    Yes it can take some time, our Hayden was recently treated for about a week and a half before he'd eat on his own. We did take him to the vet quite a few times though for x rays and blood work to rule things out. I definitely understand how nerve wracking it is.
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    Worried about new baby bunny after a fall. :(

    I'm so glad you took the bunny for x rays and that it's just bruising. Fingers crossed that she'll feel better soon.
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    Behaviour - Post GI Stasis Aggressiveness

    Thanks Butterscotch. It's hard to tell if he wants to be pet, sometimes he grunts when you try and sometimes he leans into the hand petting him. I think he is more likely to accept pets outside his cage so we'll experiment with that gently and slowly.
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    Why do rabbit owners get a bunny?

    Yes maybe the reason is that they have such unique personalities, some are cuddly and some are not. I hadn't had a bunny for about 15 years until recently and it's amazing how much more we know and can learn about them now.
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    Bedding in the rabbit cage

    Hello all, Are shavings/bedding needed in the rabbit cage? I have two bunnies - one loves to burrow in her bedding and often rearranges it. The other may have been eating some of his bedding so we placed a towel in the bottom of the cage instead. Is the towel on the floor enough for a rabbit? I...
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    Behaviour - Post GI Stasis Aggressiveness

    Hello all, As I mentioned in another thread, our bunny Hayden we adopted a couple weeks ago very quickly developed cecal dysbiosis and GI stasis. He seems to have pulled through (is eating now - not as much hay as I'd like but still eating regularly). When we adopted Hayden the previous owner...
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    Soft Fecal Pellets photo attached please help!

    Hayden ate about two cups of parsley and 1/4 cup of pellets since yesterday. We haven't seen him munching hay yet but I think he's finally getting back on track. The vet ordered some lower GI tract stimulant but maybe we don't need it.
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    Soft Fecal Pellets photo attached please help!

    He ate some parsley! And some fiesta mix, which I know isn't great but I'm hoping he'll get in the habit of eating again and I'll slowly phase it out for the healthier stuff. It's a long day at work until I can see what he's done today.
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    Soft Fecal Pellets photo attached please help!

    We saw the first of two vets we've seen today and Hayden had x rays. His teeth are fine. The vet ordered some lower GI motility medication but we might not get that until Wednesday, and suggested papaya enzyme. Now we are doing pain medication, antibiotics, upper GI medication, simethicone...
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    Soft Fecal Pellets photo attached please help!

    Sorry I couldn't figure out how I could edit the previous post, but we are going back to the vet in an hour and a half to get Hayden's teeth looked at again. He still won't eat and I'm not confident the vet's previous exam was good enough. Hope we don't have to anaesthetize him to get a good...
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    Soft Fecal Pellets photo attached please help!

    Thanks Blue eyes. More than a little frustrated here as Hayden didn't eat anything last night and only a couple pieces of celery yesterday, and he's becoming impossible to syringe feed because he fights so much. It's good that he's feisty but also not good because it's so hard to keep feeding him.