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    Bad News. Bella died overnight.

    I'm in shock! I can't believeit! I'm so sorry Mambo, my thoughts are with you during thishard time. Bella was such a lovely looking rabbit. :( Ang xx
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    the new kids

    LOL Exactly what I thought lanna... they look like my kits and mine are rex x dutch. :D They're so cute! Ang xx
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    Smiley News! :p

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    Does anyone know anything about Ferrets?

    Hee hee! Not long now until youcan! :D She looks so much like Henry when he waslittle, I love her to bits! Her favourite spot at the momentis on top of the tv stand in the rabbit room, she jumps up from somepillows beside it and investigates round it then peaks out frombehind! She has such a big...
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    Does anyone know anything about Ferrets?

    DaisyNBuster wrote: She'll think going to yours is Heaven... my normal position...
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    Does anyone know anything about Ferrets?

    I found out from watching Animal Park on BBC1yesterday that ferrets are domestic animals. I didn't evenknow that before! I thought they were wild like weasels, etcand people just kept them as pets! You learn something newevery day eh?! How is Fudge doing? Is Scamps behaving around him? Ang xx
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    Rescued rabbit

    LOL Kate, you're such a kind hearted woman! So that'll be 7 rabbits you'll have then?! Wow! I can't really help, but I think it's amazing that you did that! :) Ang xx
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    I have tried everything

    Generally a little "shoo shoo shoo" action orclapping my hands distracts my buns, though they do usually return towhat they're doing within about 5 mins! Maybe try the bitterapple spray on them... I dunno if it works, but the dog stuffdefinately works with Rolo. In Samantha Hunter's book, Hop...
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    Picture time!

    Aww!! Such lovely buns! I just want to snuggle into Winston's coat, it looks so soft! Ang xx
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    Nope, they're all mine! ;) Henry would scoff the lot if I let him... :D Ang xx
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    bad day

    What a ****?! Even if he was windingyou up, it wasn't a very thoughtful thing to say when you had just beentalking about putting your own rabbit to sleep. Glad he'sgone to dumpsville, maybe you should've put a plastic bag over his headfor a few minutes and let him know what it feels like to...
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    M.E., this one's for you.....

    That's fantastic! The hair looks so real! You really are a brilliant artist! Don't worry about impatience in those waiting for theirpaintings. I'm sure we're all happy to wait for such stunningresults like those you've posted already! I love seeing allthe new bun pictures! :) Ang xx
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    What about a museli base mix of oats, barley andwheat? I make up my own museli you see coz I don't likeraisins, so I buy the base mix and add mixed nuts. Would thatbe okay to give to the buns? Ang xx
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    We're giving Max Morrisons own brand oatsRebecca, only problem is if you're not near Kirkstall in Leeds you haveto go into the minging Morrisons in the city centre!Bleugh! Mind you, I'm sure other stores will have the samething. Max is slowly putting back on her weight.We're giving her a tbsp a...
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    *NEW* Daphnee photos

    Hello?! How many pictures have I posted?! :D Definately more pictures of all your buns... which may take up a whole board LOL... and of your doggies! :D Ang xx