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    Michael Buble

    I hear he got engaged...can't remember her name off the top of my head, but it's the young lady in his latest new hit song -
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    Mister Moo

    So very to hear this about MisterMoo. Binky-free at the Bridge:magicwand:
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    I'm so sorry for you loss, Cait. Binky-free at the Bridge, Ben:magicwand:
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    Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear the awful news. Please don't beat yourself up over this - it could happen to any of us that do allow our buns outside. My heart goes out to you - again, I am SO very sorry about your dear Smudge
  5. anneq

    Lots of stuff ahs happened since i last logged on

    I don't know the school system over there, but do you have a school counselor or someone at your school (a teacher you trust or feel comfortable talking with) that could help you get some outside support - would your mom be open to any sort of family therapy? Does your Church offer any kind of...
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    I've had rabbits escape before also (our house is bordered on both sides by houses but the back is all woods) but they've always returned home. I (needless to say) didn't get more than a few hours sleep worrying about them, but found them happily munching the neighbors grass the next day. Some...
  7. anneq

    What should I do .. ?

    I am sorry this had to happen you now know, there are some real losers out there - the upside is there ARE some great young men out there that know how to treat a girl right - it's just a matter of being patient and focusing on other important aspects of your life until that special...
  8. anneq

    Lots of stuff ahs happened since i last logged on

    Do you have any friends or relatives that could temporarily look after your pets?
  9. anneq

    My Sweet Rose

    Binky-free Rose:magicwand:
  10. anneq

    Can't believe it I lost another Bunny

    Binky-free little girl :magicwand:
  11. anneq

    Mom fell today and I'm flying home on Saturday to get her into a nursing home (we hope)

    Oh dear, Peg, I am so very hard to hear about this. My sister and I had to consider this with my mother, even though she didn't have Alzheimer's, she was falling a lot and had once been found passed out from internal bleeding. Fortunately my brother and his wife were able to be close enough to...
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    Horrible, Horrible Night

    Wow, so sorry to hear about that! That is really scary - I know when my husband is more than an 45mins late from work I start to get nervous. /hugs
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    Ghost Hunters

    I don't watch TAPS anymore..just got too annoyed - it seemed they were more interested in taping their own dialogues and faces ...and not ever it seemed did they really get anything 'solid' on tape (with one exception where it showed a chair moving). I really like Paranormal State - at least...
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    Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh ...

    hehe, ok - glad to know
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    rabbit has diarrhea please help

    Don't give her raisins - much too sweet and her system is obviously in a precarious state. Old-fashioned rolled oats (Quaker Oats)are something I give my rabbits as a treat - it can help put some weight on her and improves the coat (not too much, depending on her size maybe a teaspoon to start...