Where in the house, (if they are a house rabbit)

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Mar 16, 2005
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Phillipsburg, New Jersey, USA
I am asking this as Miffy's cage is in thelivingroom only because there is no other spot in the house to keepher. And unfortunatlythere is only one spot to keepthe cage in the livingroom.(I have been knowntohave the livingroom changed around entirely by the time my hubby getshome from work!)We are going to be moving to the east coastthis year so I will be happy to have a house that is bigger and will beable to maybe put her in a extra room so she can be out more.

And I am asking cause I am just a wee bit curious!:D
Hi, we have 4Bunnies.Unfortunately they all don't get along so 2are in a bedroom, one is in the family room free range he doesn't leavethe room we are very lucky he doesn't like tile.

The baby is in the spare bedroom in a cage, unfortuately she has tostay in the cage for longer periods than we like BUT it's also ourcomputer room so we are in there alot and she does get out a fairamount.

JimD do all of yours get along or do they have different run times?

SOOOSKA wrote:
JimD do all of yours get along or do they have different run times?

All have different run time. No bonds in my group. They get along verywell next to each other in their separate cages, but let them outtogether and the fur starts to fly.

We also have a new dog in the house and that makes runtime a bitdifficult. The buns now have a tendency to "freeze" as soon as theypick up her scent in the runroom.

Jim D do you have pictures of them?

We can't even let ours in the same room . A few months ago wehad Buttercup's cage also in the room with the bonded two. When myhusband was putting him to bed Wilbur escaped from his cage jumped upat BC's cage and cut his lip really bad.

A trip to the emergency vet at 2:00AM for emergency surgery cost us$250.00. (Actually i thought it would be alot more as they had to puthim under to do the stitching.)

That's when we moved his cage to our room and bought another baby gate(we now have three just to make sure the two rascals don't decide tojump out)

My poor buns are in vestibule to a boiler room. It keeps them warm in the winter :)
It's an enclosed area, there's alot of foot traffic so they are notbored, and when they are out they have the run of the place. No, theycan't get into the boiler room.
I wish they could look out a window like Johncdn's Condo... (that is so cool!)
There are double doors with large windows at one end of the vestibuleleading out to a courtyard. So they have plenty of sunlight, but theycan't see out.
It's the only place I can put them, so it has to work!
Our two couples have their cages in our"sunroom" (it's the first room you walk into, used to be a porch, thenwas enclosed), and they have different run times. Our two bachelor boyslive in our "basement" (it's ground level - no real cellars inFlorida!). Gunner used to have free run, but with Hoppi there now, theyhave cages side by side and supervised play times. If I can succesfullybond them, then I'd let both have free run. (I leave the tv on for themduring the day as it's a little more isolated down there - they watchhgtv! lol)
Pristine's "cage".:sunshine:


My bunnies sleep in my room with me as I have abig room and there is not much other space to put the cage in ourflat. I don't recommend this though asthey can be quite noisy at night. They thump to each otherwhen they are bored, usually around 4am!
My girls live in a two-story, six-foot longcage. They currently reside in the living room so they can get used topeople (I've had them for almost a year and they're still afraid of us:?) But I'm moving into a new home in a couple months so we'll seewhere they'll be. I hope there will be room for them indoors. *crossesfingers*
When we had Bunny, she was in a large NIC cagein our livingroom and was let out in the evenings when we were home andsometimes in the mornings too.

If we adopt on Sunday, it or they will have a cage in our upstairsspare bedroom and they will have free run of the house when we are home.

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