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May 10, 2007
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Preston, , United Kingdom
My bun Stanley likes to greet me by running up to me and headbutting my feet but the last couple of days he runs round me. Not just once, he dosn't stop. I counted 27 times this morning and he only stopped because I moved. Then he followed me and started again. He stops when I pet him but as soon as I stand up he starts again. I hope this means he loves me.

LOL! Let me guess... He's not neutered and he's five or six months old. ;)

He definitely loves you -- :heartbeat: But maybe just a little too much!

sas :biggrin2:
OMG Your joking. lol He's 4 months old, not fixed yet. Getting done in 2 weeks. 1st vet said he was a he. 2nd vet said he was a she. I'll let you know in 2 weeks.

OMG I know you said that Stanley loves me but this is getting silly. I can't walk anywhere without him running round be. I walked through the house with the washing and accross the bottom of the garden to hang it on the line. It took me ages cos he was circling my legs all the time. I can't walk to the loo without him doing it. Do you think that he'll stop when he' fixed? It's cute but i'm scared of standing on him.
Magnet did this too. If you spread your legs a little, he did figure eights around them. Cute ;)
LOL! Lets just hope he DOESNT try to hump your leg, god knows he could probably knock someone down! :p Very cute, but could be very bad/annoying.... I just love him!!(#1 on my bunnynaping list!! If I could get to the UK that is)

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