What do you want for Christmas?

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Feb 5, 2022
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Hey everyone,
What do you and your bunbun want for Christmas? I just got bunbun some toys but not for Christmas, a puzzle that you can hide treats in, then a got a carrot Timothy hay lollypops, and a new litter box.
Merry Christmas
For christmas I want bunny shoes that can help with sore hocks. I haven’t got any presents for my pets this year while the presents to my family will be cheap. Because I need the money to cover my vet costs again. So I’m only hoping for next year that my pets will stay healthy.
A wish of mine is for Iris to have a new bondmate very soon. Storm had come to me and warned me to never, ever let Iris be left completely alone or she'd go to death's door to follow him in her sorrow.
But i know that this wish will be unrequited due to circumstances beyond my control.
So i will wish instead that Iris would stay safe and sound, and that next year wouldn't take her from us.
Having to face the loss of a beloved rabbit every year for three years in a row did quite a number on my mental state...
Those are great. @craftymelli7 where are you getting your Christmas calendar?

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