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Aug 25, 2023
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Hello. My four year old spayed female rabbit (Holland Lop) has wet fur under her chin/left cheek. At first I noticed hair loss under the chin and recently it seems that her left cheek is also constantly wet (However, I have noticed that when she drinks water her left cheeks is dripping wet so I am not sure if it is a dental issue). She has also been sneezing quite a bit recently (Three quick sneezes in a row and then she stops for a while). My other rabbit is acting normal (no sneezing or wet fur).

She has been drinking normally and eating the same. No issue with using the washroom either.

I have seen some image of the fur turning green and I do not want to risk an infection if I wait any longer. Does anyone know the approximate pricing for vets in Canada (Toronto) for an issue like this, or if there are any other solution as I do not want to put her through a lot of stress. I have been trying to keep the fur dry.

Here's some image of the issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciate. (This is my first time using this forum).371525739_1027051861968803_5343225085249025398_n.jpg371517348_296894942935072_2398408391169091765_n.jpg371517452_211814978254246_5454874419392398016_n.jpg
If she hasn't ever had wet chin issues from drinking previously, and nothing about her water dish or drinking habits has changed recently, then dental issues would be the most likely cause for a rabbit suddenly having a wet chin with no previous history.

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It could be as simple as some hay stuck in the teeth and causing irritation. Or it could be molar spurs causing mouth sores, or an infection. The only way to find out is by having a knowledgeable rabbit vet do a thorough dental exam.

Cost varies vet by vet. So I would call around to the rabbit vets around your area, and ask for approximate prices for an exam, and then what they charge if xrays or a molar trim is needed. They won't be able to give an exact price, but an approximate one will at least give you a general idea. Though regardless of pricing, picking an experienced rabbit vet is important for getting the problem diagnosed correctly and promptly, and for improving the outcome for surgical procedures.

I read some good reviews from rabbit owners, for a dr munn, who it appears is at a new vet clinic than the one mentioned in the reviews.

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Would have that chequed asap

I have lost two of my fur babies to anything teeth

Cheque for discharge by the eyes also
I bought her to the vet yesterday (it was the earliest time I could get an appointment). She had some teeth trimmed and was given antibiotics and pain killers. If anyone was wondering the bill ended up to be $290 Canadian. The vet said that she may need some extractions; however, that clinic could not perform them. Going to call the referral clinic for more diagnostics (However, this clinic is really full and when I called them last time, the earliest they could see my bunny was on September 21). I'm not really sure how long my rabbit can wait.
Hopefully with the dental done, it will keep your bun managing and eating normally until you can get her further checked at the other clinic.

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