Weird poop stains?

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Apr 15, 2020
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Hong Kong
Hi all,

My bunny is 8, and around a month ago I’ve seen these poop stains daily. He is eating and drinking normal but I’m trying to figure out what these are. I see these right after he eats his cecotropes/ tries to eat his round poops. It isn’t diarrhoea but there are some little poop stains around his butt sometimes, not anything abnormal though. Does anyone have experience with this?
File 1 is right after he finished eating cecotropes
File 2 is what i’ve been seeing.

Thank you lots!


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That happened a bit with my rabbit. I had to giver her pellets daily to gain 1.5 lbs but it was too much and it was upsetting her stomach. I haven't given her any in awhile and I haven't seen any smudges in over two weeks.

I would call a vet to be safe though in case it is something different.

(before anyone comments about pellets not being necessary, the vet was concerned with her weight at her post adoption check up and said to give her daily pellets to fatten up.)
Right, could be a diet issue.

It could also be a sign of a slowly beginning motility issue, like athritis, making it difficult/painful to reach there and to clean himself. Is he behaving normally, hopping to places as usual, not avoiding steps etc.?
Along with the questions already asked, I have a few more.

Is it just watery stains you're seeing, or are there threads of mucous? The first photo looks like there are threads of mucous in the poop. Where any new foods introduced into your rabbits diet prior to when this first started happening? Are you seeing any spots of blood in these spots or mucous threads? Has he lost any weight or had any issues eating or drinking recently? Any other changes or signs of a health issue going on?

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