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Sep 29, 2019
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A few years back, I posted a thread asking if anyone knew of a vet in the Houston area that would spay rabbits for a relatively low price. After a LOT of phone calls, I believe I have the spay prices for almost every rabbit-savvy vet in the Houston area, and I've compiled them all into a list. I'm hoping that this will help people in the area looking to spay their rabbits, but can't find a vet within their budget. Even though this is only a list for spays, it's also good for estimating how much it would cost to neuter. Neutering typically costs less because it's a less invasive procedure, so I'd say that this list is good to at least give you a starting point for figuring out where to go. I've separated it into two categories: Current Prices and Possibly Outdated. If they're Possibly Outdated, you may need to call and get a quote yourself. Those quotes are from when I was calling for a rabbit that has since passed.

Current Prices:
Pets Paw Animal Hospital- $320
Cypress Lakes Animal Hospital- $305
VCA Spring Branch- $490
Fur Feathers and Friends Veterinary Hospital- Around $700 (I took my rabbit here for an exam just recently, and the staff was awesome)
Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists- $650
Briarcrest Veterinary Clinic- $350 ($55 for the exam)
Rose-Rich Veterinary Clinic- $185
All Pets Animal Hospital- I'm waiting on a text back for a quote, but I'll post that once I get a response

Possibly Outdated:
Paws to Claws- $438
Prestonwood Animal Clinic- $245 (I have this crossed off, so it could be that they're not currently servicing rabbits right now)
Pearland Pet Health Center- $585
The Village Vet- $728
Animal Medical Center of the Village- $750
Kingsland Animal Hospital- $275 (I have this crossed off as well, but I know that it's because they're only neutering at the moment)
ABC Animal & Bird Clinic- $475

If you have any more you'd like to add, please feel free to list them! Or if you have more current prices!

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