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Jul 5, 2019
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Hi, I trimmed my lionhead's mane as it was preventing her from seeing properly/cleaning herself. I think I took a little more off than I should have done. Will it regrow again? How long does it usually take to regrow? She doesn't seem bothered by it and is grooming herself a lot more now. She is double maned and has very thick hair around her face and on her face.

Hi, it should regrow I've just watched a video yesterday how angora rabbits are getting their fur almost completely sheared every 3 months don't know about lionheads but I am going to do it myself too as one of my lionheads is extremely fluffy and it is very hot I give him a frozen bottle and all but think he'd be happier if I'd trim please share pics of your lionhead and welcome to the forum!
BTW I am looking online now to buy a trimmer myself, any recommendations?
Hi, Thank you, that is a bit comforting as I feel really bad. I used hairdressing scissors to trim her fur. It was quite hard to trim her mane as I was scared of cutting her whiskers off. So, she has a bit of a choppy look at the moment which I feel really bad about. Her skirt was really easy to trim in comparison, but again her sides are a bit choppy. On the upside, I have seen her cleaning her legs and paws more, and she is more active in this heat. Before the trim, she would just lie down panting even when I had the fan on. Now, it doesn't seem to bother her. I will post some photos once she's regrown some of her mane which I hope doesn't take too long.
I am getting a hair trimmer asap and hopefully will have some new pictures after this weekend. Here's his winter fur before he changed it to summer coat a bit thinner but still very fluffy.

My other rabbits are short-haired even Leo in my avatar he/s half-lionhead but when he changed his coat in may his hair is quite short even he had some longer hair behind the ears and they're not there now, probably will be back for winter. He's only 8 months now. But Fred would be definitely happier with his beard trimmed.


How cute! I love the colour of his fur.

Although I feel bad that my trimming skills weren't too good, my little lionhead is definitely more comfortable. It's not too bad really - she had so much fur around/on her face that she looks a bit strange without it being really long.

I think that the hair trimmer will do a much neater and even job. I hope you find some that work well. It's such difficult fur to work with because although it is dense, it is very light.
Got the trimmer now kinda a bit scared don't know how to use it :))
Sitting here watching videos how other people do it, some really funny.
Well maybe I will leave it for tomorrow :D

So I did from his ears to his tale all his back and his sides, that was lots of hair! Did his cheeks, ears too, then battery was too slow and I put it into charger, so basically he has like a skirt now all his belly and legs and I even think maybe that would be enough maybe now when his back is bald he has better ventilation and his belly's hair is actually to protect him from what he touches on the floor in his toilet etc? I wasn't great that was my first time with hair trimmer ever but tried to fix my mistakes and it looks acceptable right now, I was very slow that's why battery was gone. He looks a bit like a scottish terrier now I shaved his head all the hair on his forehead and left the area around his whiskeys and some hair on his ears. Seriously, thinking on taking a bit more hair on his sides but leave the belly and legs untouched, what you think? Because I won't be able to do his belly correctly and also around his private area he has lots of testicles there I wouldn't want to make any mistakes there!

Don't want to disturb him now he was breathing fast when I put him back to his cage now is relaxing I will take photo later. Maybe just a little bit more on sides and a couple fixes on his back, although for the first time it doesn't look too bad! :D

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Wow, that's a lot of fur you shaved off! It must be extremely hot where you are. I'm sure he'll be much cooler now. It must be quite tricky using shavers. In comparison, I only gave my lion head a really tiny trim around her skirt/face.
I know I didn't want to but I was using this trimmer for first time and made a few mistakes so after fixing them fur was already too short in some places I had to do same length everywhere. I know you just wanted her to look tidier my lionhead cleans himself very good he never has any hay or anything stuck in his fur but his fur is extremely thick and long and he was just laying down during the day I know he looks a bit weird now but he is so happy plays and binkies so I don't worry about how he looks I am happy that he's feeling good now. Of course next time I will use an attachment to make sure he's not completely bald but for now we have what we have hopefully he'll grow some hair soon. :oops:
How's Fred doing with his new haircut? Did you take anymore off the sides? I'm sure it'll grow back soon. My little lionhead's fur is growing fast, it's becoming hard to tell I took the ends off. I think it's because she is so fluffy, that she looked a bit strange without all that fluff. I reckon she has much longer hair on her face than is usual for a lionhead, and I will have to trim it now and again so she can see properly.
Hi, good to hear your girl is doing good do you have any photo of her now? Sure you trimmed just a little bit to remove some hair so she can see properly not like me :))

Fred's doing pretty well yes I removed some more from his sides but using attachments this time so not too short. He looks almost naked in that photo it is because his fur is very interesting it is darker at the ends and lighter near his skin so looks like naked but it's about 3 mm left. Next time I am more experienced and will probably make it 5 mm but I have to say he is very happy himself and no more breathing heavily he's active and feeling really good without his heavy coat. I don't know when it will grow back to his usual maybe one month or more, next time I will definitely do again, maybe in May or early June, back and head shorter and sides a bit longer and belly untouched.

He had much longer hair in winter and different much softer more like angora hair but he changed his coat in May to a shorter version.

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