Treating your home safely for fleas and mites

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Nov 30, 2005
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I cannot find this in the library and we have had several members with this problem recently. Buns have been have not

Any great ideas?
I had to treat my whole house last year. We did it several times over with RIP fleas. Haven't seen anything since (what's the betting I now find one tomorrow :|)

ETA linky

You have to take the animals out for 24-48 hours (I always did 48 hours), and we went through a load of cans, but it didn't harm the furniture (fabric and wood etc), or carpet, or anything at all.
Our cat had fleas several times this year. Got her treated at the vet. The last time I went, they suggested using Knock Out (it's an aerosal spray can which you don't use with the pets around: they need to be out of the room for a half hour, I was told). This is a good method to use for fleas, ticks, etc. It seemed to work. He suggested I use it twice, once again in two weeks after first usage. Didn't and are good!

Give it a try!;)
Flea collars!

Now, I'm not a moron...

For people who have vaccum cleaners with a bag, change the bag after vaccuming once you start to "treat" the house for fleas. Clipa section of a flea collar off and put it in the new bag. It'll help kill remaining fleas in the tubes, and any that will enter the bag later on. Vaccum bags can be a breeding ground for fleas.

For those who have canister vaccums (bagless) the same can apply by putting a bit in the canister section.

In all instances, be aware of child safety practices though.