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Doggos because there's a muuch higher chance that whichever i order, there won't be cheeses or other yucky stuff in it. They're also way easier and cleaner to eat.

Blankets or just fleeces?
if your talking about rabbits then fleeces. For me definitely blankets

Tornados or Hurricanes?
Books. Almost nobody is inclined to start reading random pages with me, but everyone who's ever seen me watch a movie, a show, or anything visual for that matter, will always try to take a look and it feels extremely awkward, even more so when a bit of the video is actually awkward. Books also leave more stuff to the imagination and let me fall asleep if i want to, they also don't need internet or downloading to be avaliable if i'm in the middle of nowhere, a louder environment or only have 10 minutes of free time. If i'm alone, i'll also read out loud to my royality, which i can't do with movies. I cannot tolerate ebooks though, it seems that i lack focus for reading books on screens.

Regular chargers or power banks?
Regular chargers

Jazz or Hiphop dance?
Fish probably.

Jazz or Hiphop dance, (Because @Nancy McClelland did not answer the right question)

Birthday or holiday?

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