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Aug 8, 2007
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Auckland, , New Zealand
what you do is one person posts a "good idea", then the next person posts a "bad idea", and so goes the pattern - good idea post, bad idea post, etc. i've seen these done before and they get some really funny responses. it's also funny seeing what someone would regard as a good idea or a bad idea lol:)

okay, i will start witha good idea!

good idea -performinga random act of kindness each day for someone in your life, or even a total stranger (something i try to do everyday! it's great soul food :))

okay, now it's someone's turn to post a "bad idea" :biggrin2:
bad idea: me being let loose in shantons when there's a sale on - i have 8 new skirts!

actually, maybe this would be regarded as more of a "good idea"? :D

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