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Apr 1, 2023
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Haupiri: New Zealand
Hi I've got an 8 week old rabbit, and just wondering what colour she is.

I'm totally stuck, as I think she might be one colour, then when I look further I think she might be another.

I'm thinking one of those smokey colours, a blue sable point or, yea not sure.
Her feet and tail are the same colour as the dark on her nose and ears


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Other than it looks somewhat like torted like some of my recent litter, no. Mine are light brown though (parents are solid agoutis), not grey, and I don't have a clue about of all the veariations of grayish colour types.

It might help others to know what colours the parents are, although my torts poped up unexpectedly after at least 1-2 generations without a hint of it.


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I do believe her main colour is opal, but yea i'm stuck on the darker colour, whether its torte or something else, the darker parts on her nose, ears, and feet, are blue, so I'm quite stuck.

Her Parent's colours are
Father is: Broken Orange
Mother is: white with a couple of very very pale fawn spots on her back, when she sheds she gets some cream tinting on her back area.
(one of the mother's parents was white, I can't remember if it was REW or BEW, and the other parent was black Vienna marked (they sometimes call it tuxedo)

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