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Double whammy of buns' deathiversaries! Woo!
(Wryly laughing at my miserable attempt of a joke)
It's been exactly one-and-half years from your departure.
I thank you for being the rabbit to teach me that boundaries are a very much existing part of rabbitry. Both learning to trust and honour your boundaries, as well as setting limits for others for your sake, like "don't you pick him up and hope you won't get bitten, he just doesn't like it" to "he's got space eyes, don't bother him or he may bite."
Ahh, the sweet ordeals that were your nail clippings. First time, at the vets, it took three whole people to get your nails trimmed, and you still roughed us up... Once we got some mutual trust going, it turned to a two-man-job with dad holding you down in a flopped position and me clipping your nails. You'd give us these magnificent space eyes in utter frustration and would gloriously toss us the middle hock for our audacity. (Haha, you were the royal king of rabbits, after all.) Oh, how we would swoon "koosmoooooos (kosmos) [spaaaaaceeee/galaxy] at those angry eyes of yours. You'd give us kosmos-eyes in utter pleasure too. How you'd chase down my mum to get her pets, how you'd run around with veggies in your mouth. Ahh, if only you'd come back home....
See you in december for a full deathiversary, my grumpy old man.

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