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not currently,but if I find something to make the bottoms non slip I will definitely do that. I was trying to find like rubber dots that iron on. I can recheck online and see if i can find anything.

100% silicone caulk. It's essentially what's used to make the grippy bits on non slip socks, gloves, etc. The trick is being able to carefully control the application to the fabric when doing it by hand, so it doesn't end up looking a mess. I know it can be thinned with mineral spirits for application (several youtube videos showing how), but I don't know the safety in using the mineral spirits on clothes or how it affects the silicone's grippiness.

Silicone non slip grip is usually applied in dots, thin lines, etc, but coating the whole bottom of a sock with a thin layer might be worth experimenting with on scraps of fabric. If you can manage a smooth even application, it's something that could provide a waterproof barrier to the bottom of the socks. I believe 100% silicone is pet safe, though please do your own research to verify.

Or there's something specifically sold for adding non slip grip to fabric, called Sock Stop. Comes in various colors, but I don't know if it's non toxic and pet safe if chewed. I would assume so since it could be used on baby clothes. Also some mentions of people using fabric puff paint. But again, verify if these things are pet safe.

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