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Aug 15, 2013
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I hand make hock booties. I make each pair custom to the rabbit in need. I just started doing this. If anyone is interested i can make open toe and full coverage boots. Photos attached are what they will look like. Inside is fleece and outside is cotton. I have a few fall prints currently.


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thank you for the encouraging words! I hope to sell these somewhere, I have 27 pairs all made up. But i can do custom sizes.
thank you for the encouraging words! I hope to sell these somewhere, I have 27 pairs all made up. But i can do custom sizes.
Wow! That's a lot! If I had the money I'd buy some (even though Blossom and Thumper don't need them currently), they'd be good to have on hand just case. I'm hoping you get people who can buy them!
I charge 25.00 CANADIAN for a pair. I chose to make the sole part longer so it ends just about where the toes start. To me it just made sense to not have the fabric end mid foot. So the ones i have ready to go are made that way. Adjustable leg and toe width. I have 2.5 up to 4 inch sole length,which would measure from the heel to the base of the toes. Heres a video of chloe wearing her boot,this was a tad big on her,i was just beginning to make them. This is a 3 inch sole on her,shes more a 2.5. sorry how she looks shes going through some health issues but the hair is finally coming back in.


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I currently have 16 completed pairs if anyone is interested. They go from a 4 inch sole to a 2,5 inch sole. Measuring from the heel to just before where the toes start. Adjustable leg and toes. I do take paypal for payment,and tracking with shipping is included. Prices are 25.00CA with 17.00 shipping to US and 10.00 Canada. I am able to do custom sizes and full coverage boots if need.


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some better photos


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i may already have asked this but i’ve forgotten the answer, so, do you make anything like non-slip booties?
not currently,but if I find something to make the bottoms non slip I will definitely do that. I was trying to find like rubber dots that iron on. I can recheck online and see if i can find anything.
What about sewing a patch to the bottoms of the non slip fabric they use for the feet of onesies and such? You could make it an add on charge as requested.
thank you for that link. I am just concerned that the nubs would be an irritant to already sensitive hocks. Now if there was something that was completely rubberized that would be ideal. I just did a trio of super thick waterproofed socks as a donation for a bun who is senior and has badly mangled hocks,owner said it looked like raw hamburger meat after the vet visit. I only took photos of two pairs,the other pair had little bees on it.


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