Sigh. Molly and Gubby Issue.

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Dec 21, 2011
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, New Hampshire, USA
All righty. So I've had Gubble since Octoberish of last year and Molly since January of this year. They knew each other was in the house, but Gubby wasn't neutered and shortly after arriving here Atticus sired a litter with her due to my stupidity. I posted about that before on here. (This litter is where Matthias is from).

Anyway. Gubby was fixed 4/7 and after he healed we slowly started introducing them face to face. Matthias is almost 4 months old, so Molly has had some respite to recoup. After some time time out together and them hitting it off at the end of April (I believe it was around this time, I'd have to double check though), they started being housed together.

Everything was going amazing. They slept on each other, groomed each other, hung out in the litter together, etc. Now though, in the last week and a half Gubby has been mounting her like crazy and spraying her with urine. He's neutered, but still marking her with urine. Does that make any sense?

I've given her 4 baths recently, 3 without soap but good rinse downs and scrubs to get the yellow color out of her coat. I didn't want to make her smell foreign by using a soap, but even that hasn't worked. This last time I used soap and it lasted 1 day. She's covered in sticky urine again. Her face, her back and sides.

Obviously they need to be separated and I will get on that today ASAP, but does anyone know why this could be happening? Do seemingly good bonds break down? Is Gubble going to do this with any female?

** How do I get urine stains out of white fur??** I'm having a heck of a time. I tried to avoid giving her a bath and using wipies, dry shampoo...nothing worked. I don't want her skin to get all dry and manky because I'm having to wash her so often.

As a side note, she likes baths, so it doesn't appear to stress her out. I put a towel in the kitchen sink for traction and fill the sink a few inches and use a cup to pour water over her. I drain the sink then and if I'm using shampoo I apply it. I get the temp adjusted in the sink to the left of the one she's in and them use a soft spray from the hose to get down to her skin. We have a good time bonding while I dry her and brush her.

Maybe bathing her often isn't a huge deal. I just always remember Bailey my rex taking hours and hours to dry. Molly is a single maned lionhead, so she doesn't have layers of plush fur to dry.

Any thoughts guys?



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Jan 17, 2012
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, New Jersey, USA
So sorry to hear the problem with Molly and Gubby.

It's only been a little over a month since Gubby was neutered, right? That's about the time Kreacher got aggressive with Dobby. I had to split them then. Go figure. I was worried they would fight before neutering, but it happened after it. It might be that the hormones are still in Gubby's system. And now that Abbs is back, this could be Gubby's way of saying Molly is his. Even though Abbs is housed in another section of the house.

Splitting them for a while could help calm everyone down. Poor Molly is getting the sticky end of this territorial fight between Gubby and Abbs. And if she likes the bath, I would do that to help get that icky stuff off of her. Once she's split from Gubby, you won't have to bath her so much.

I think I would give it a month with the split and then start slowly introducing Molly and Gubby again. Things like this crop up (new bunny, possible fight for dominance) and temporary housing and schedules need to happen and then slowly bring it back to the way it was.

Wishing you all the best. Let us know how it goes.


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