Sick Bunny

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Apr 21, 2021
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Toronto, Canada
My poor bunny has been diagnosed with an infection probably caused by my cat scratching him. The vet said he has significant inflammation and essentially no white blood cells in the blood test. He was eating and drinking and pooping but was still very lethargic so I brought him back to the vet and they said his vitals are strong and his fever went down from 41.5 to 40. She also gave him another anti-biotic and let me take him home. He's on 2 anti-biotics and metacam. Yesterday he seemed to be on the mend as he was much more energetic, hopping around on tables and couches and seeming to be much more alert. Now today he is lethargic again. Is this normal to have ups and downs? How long does it take for a bunny to recover from an infection and build white blood cells again? I'm so worried about the little guy. He's not worse but he's not that much better either. I know it was a significant infection and he's only on day 5 of meds. I don't want to go back to the vet unless it's necessary for the fear of stressing him out more.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
It's possible the antibiotics could be causing some nausea and lack of appetite. They can sometimes do that. But I would also be concerned that the lethargy could be from the antibiotics not controlling the infection.

I would phone your vet and ask them what they think. Maybe they can have you take his temp and if it isn't elevated, then maybe it's just the antibiotics making him feel a little nauseous. Which is only a problem if it causes him to not eat enough or causes a gut imbalance leading to diarrhea. if his temp is elevated then it could be the antibiotics aren't working and you need to get him back to the vet.