Should i take my rabbit to the vet or let it heal by itself?

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Aug 18, 2023
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So he always sneaks into the storage room and eats stuff like raw rice and other stuff cause we forget to close the door but from now on we make sure to close it properly everytime. and he presses his stomach against the ground and is always laying somewhere

He bites alot more often too and only eats hay, grass, and water and some pellets. Should I let it heal on its own or?
Laying down on his stomach and pressing his stomach to the ground are 2 very different things.
Im really not sure what youre asking about needing to heal?

It sounds like from your posts you either need to contain him better or do a lot more rabbit proofing.
I meant it like he doesn't wanna get up at all and just lays there all day not wanting to eat I think it's something he ate that he wasn't supposed to but his condition is perfectly fine now

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