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I know! It is way too cute. <3 When she was a bubba and the chickens were babies too they would all hop on her back and sleep on her at night. Sometimes she would even nose dive under them so she could have cuddles! Now the chooks are too big for that although they still cuddle each other all the time.
I love this!
I love this!

❤️❤️❤️ I know you aren't supposed to keep bunnies and chooks together but ours get along famously and we have found ways to keep her out of the potentially dangerous chicken food so they can all live in harmony.☺️

Here are some more baby bun pics. They aren't my rabbits as I volunteer at a farm/petting zoo which has a rabbit breeding program and these are some of their baby Californians.❤️ I love being able to go and take care of and cuddle bundles of fluff. It's hard though when I can't take them all home!😄


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Here are ours at 6.5 weeks, and one of them at one week.


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Here is my Holland Dune, got him when he was two months old. They grow so fast!!


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Gobi the day we brought him home vs a year later.
he was my first Flemish Giant and my first baby bunny. We joked he was like Clifford because everyone in our community loved him so much he grew to twice the size of his parents!
shown as a wee kit and a two year old beast, always a mama’s boy <3
Please please please send in photos of your baby bunnies! Photos of newborns, fuzzy cuties, and any adorable babies! I want to see them all!!!😍
I will start with some pics of my sweet girl Alice before she grew up and got huge.❤ (She used to always snuggle up to the brown soft toy dog and in the last photo she is hanging out with her chicken sisters who she loves and now lives with them.😄)
babybunny.pngbabybunny1.pngbabybunny2.png these were my babies ❤ ❤ ❤
left: Bandit JR, middle, Pumpernickel, right, Allison

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